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So he fights against the corona pounds

With dumbbells and pull-ups: Will Smith gets serious. After the actor complained about his corona pounds several times, he now reports with diet videos – and can also laugh at himself.

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Will Smith is fighting his corona bacon belly. This has been clear at the latest since he posted a picture of himself on Instagram at the beginning of May and added the comment: “I’m in the worst shape of my life”.

Now the Hollywood star is showing the first excerpts from his fitness training. In the video that the 52-year-old shared on his account on Thursday, he lifts dumbbells and does pull-ups and squats.

At the beginning of the video, however, Smith first presents his stomach again: He’s standing on a rotating pedestal with nothing on but black underpants. First he shakes his head, then he laughs and says: “This is so horrible”. In the English original the quote is: “That is so nasty”. Smith grins up and down and laughs at himself. You see scenes here or in the video above.

“I will get into the best shape of my life”

He signed his post with “The Pursuit of Happyness”. A reference to his 2006 cinema drama, which was shown in Germany under the title “The Striving for Happiness”. In it, the former “Prince of Bel Air” star stands in front of the camera together with his son Jaden Smith.

Smith had announced at the beginning of May that he wanted to get his untrained Corona figure in shape in a new YouTube documentary – even then accompanied by portraits only in underpants. “I’m going to get into the best shape of my life !!!!”, wrote the “Men in Black” star at Instagram at the time.

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