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See Adam Sandler and Kevin James in “Hubie Halloween” ·

In keeping with Halloween, a horror comedy starring Adam Sandler is appearing on Netflix. You can find out what to expect in it from us, and you can also see the trailer.

Netflix and Adam Sandler have found each other. The film “The Ridiculous Six” sealed the first collaboration between the actor and the streaming service in 2015. This was followed by great films such as “The Black Diamond” and “The Meyerowitz Stories”, which were well received by the critics. With “Hubie Halloween” comes on October 7th Already the seventh film by Sandler and Netflix. The new joint project is a Halloween comedy and several stars are on board. Check out the trailer here:

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Sandler stars in the new Netflix movie Hubie Dubois, who is a huge fan of Halloween. Instead of disguising himself, however, Hubie tries to protect his hometown from all dangers. On his own he ensures law and order and wants to prevent even the smallest offense on Halloween. But this year seems to be getting serious. Hubie is worried about a mysterious new neighbor and a criminal on the run. Now it is up to the Halloween fan to convince the police (Kevin James and Kenan Thompson) of the real horror and to save his city from great danger.

Large star line-up in “Hubie Halloween”

Steven Brill directed the Netflix film. The director is responsible for works like “Little Nicky – Satan Junior” and “Mr. Deeds ”and has already worked with Adam Sandler on various films. The script was written by Tim Herlihy, who has also written various works such as “Big Daddy” and “A wedding to fall in love” for Sandler. Accordingly, “Hubie Halloween” should be just the thing for fans of Adam Sandler.

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The actor also unites his well-known colleagues in the cast. In addition to Kevin James, Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi are also part of the party. In addition, Hollywood stars like Ray Liotta (“Good Fellas”), Noah Schnapp (“Stranger Things”), Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) and many more will join them. You can watch the ambitious Netflix comedy from October 7th 2020 look at. Otherwise there are these other highlights for October on Netflix.

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