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Ryan Gosling’s watches are almost as impressive as the actor himself

The most modern model in his collection is the Rolex Submariner Reference 16610 from 2000 with a black and silver dial. He also wore this watch several times in the romance comedy mentioned above – every time he seemed ready for dinner in the evening.

3. Patek Philippe 5196G


We interrupt the Rolex story with the watch Gosling wore on his wrist for his other 2011 film, Drive. White dial, black leather strap and silver case – it stands to reason that he inherited this classic watch – the Patek Philippe 5196G – from his father himself.

4. Rolex Air King 5500

Rolex Air King 5500PR

The last luxury watch we saw was a 1950 Rolex Air King 5500 with a white dial and silver bracelet, which he wore when he received his Golden Globe for best actor in the musical novel “La La Land” in 2017.

5. Casio MQ24-9B

Casio MQ24-9BPR

Among Ryan Gosling’s watches there is also a model that is a lot more discreet. He recently wore a Casio like the ones worn by other famous people like Bill Gates and the Pope – the Casio MQ24-9B.

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