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PlayStation 5 Light: what is it about the new PS5 model? (Update)

The 'new' PlayStation 5 Digital Edition weighs 300 grams less than the original series (Images: Sony Interactive)
The ‘new’ PlayStation 5 Digital Edition weighs 300 grams less than the original series (Images: Sony Interactive)

A 300 gram lighter PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is to replace the original model. What does Sony Interactive say?

Update from August 29, 2021: A US tech YouTuber took a close look at the innards of the ‘new’ PS5 model. Result: Sony Interactive dispenses with astonishing amounts of heat sinks – you can read details in this article.

Update from August 24, 2021: According to regional bloggers, the first copies of the new CFI-11xxA and CFI-11xxB series were seen in Australian retailers. The most obvious difference: the base plate can now be attached and removed without tools – a coin is no longer required.

At the same time, devices with this model number should weigh around 300 grams less (disc edition: 4.2 kg instead of 4.5 kg / digital edition: 3.6 kg instead of 3.9 kg). There is still no explanation for the weight loss.

To the best of our knowledge, only models of the CFI-1000x version have so far been sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, this may have changed due to the Sony deliveries over the past few days. If you can provide relevant information on this (by placing the console on the bathroom scale), we look forward to receiving an email.

News from July 23, 2021: The PlayStation 5 has been on the market in Europe since November 19, 2020. The console is available in two versions – one with a Blu-Ray drive for 499.99 euros, and the other as a PS5 Digital Edition without a drive for 399.99 euros. The ‘big’ PlayStation 5 is produced and sold in significantly larger numbers – the ratio is 1: 4 to 1: 5.

14.8 million consoles are to be shipped between April 2021 and March 2022 – around twice as many devices as in the first five months after the launch.

For months there has been speculation that Sony Interactive is planning a revision of the console – with a more efficient chip design or a new fan. None of this has so far proven to be conclusive. Compared to analysts, the Japanese company only let it be known that they want to counteract the shortage of supplies on the global semiconductor market by replacing the built-in microchips – which, however, do not change the performance of the PS5.

A short guide to a new series (CFI-1100B, previously: CFI-1000B) of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has been available on the Japanese Sony website for a few days. This includes key data on the processors, the main memory, the SSD hard drive, the USB ports, the power consumption of the power supply unit and the dimensions.

The only difference between 1000B and 1100B: the weight. Instead of 3.9 kilograms, the ‘new’ PS5 Digital Edition only weighs 3.6 kilograms. For comparison: the PlayStation 5 with drive (CFI-1016A series) weighs 4.5 kilograms. In addition, the stand can now be attached ‘without tools’ – i.e. without a coin.

How the “weight loss” of the device of almost 8 percent is explained is not clear from the available documents.

When asked by GamesWirtschaft, Sony Interactive does not want to confirm or deny the existence of the series. There is also no official information at the time of delivery. However, there is much to suggest that the CFI-1000B will be replaced by the CFI-1100B in the coming weeks – and that noiselessly.

It is not uncommon for subtle changes to the design (facelift) or individual components to be made during the ongoing console production: The PlayStation 4 was first revised in July 2014, i.e. at a comparable point in time. The CUH-11xxA series replaced the CU-10xxA at that time – the main difference: a different WLAN module. This change to the configuration was also not communicated by Sony Interactive.

Even eight months after its launch, the demand for the PlayStation 5 still far exceeds supply. With large retail partners such as Amazon, MediaMarkt, Expert, Otto, Expert or Euronics, the console is only available for a short period of time every several weeks. Information on dates and dealers as well as many tips can be found fresh every day in the PS5 ticker from GamesWirtschaft.

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