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Papa Jamie’s guardianship is toxic!


August 02, 2021 – 9:26 am clock

Britney Spears: Dad Jamie’s Guardianship Is “Toxic”

Britney Spears’ (39) doctors agree! The pop star should no longer be under the tutelage of her father Jamie Spears, 68. This now emerges from legal documents that are available to the American magazine “The Blast”. Unsurprisingly, Jodi Montgomery, the senior doctor in charge of the “Toxic” singer’s tutelage, claims that her dad’s influence in this position is just that: “toxic” and “unhealthy”.

“Not in Britney’s best interests”

“In further support of the motion to remove Ms. Spears ‘guardian, Ms. Montgomery respectfully notes that Ms. Spears’ medical team agrees that it is not in the best interests of (Britney) for Mr. Spears to remain guardian,” it said in filing. A positive development in the guardianship dispute. Because if doctors and therapists are of the opinion that Britney’s father should be released from guardianship, it may well be that the judge will approve this medical judgment. In the file, Jodi makes it clear that she is pleading for auditor Jason Rubin to get the job. Someone who has the qualifications and skills to manage Britney’s $ 60 million fortune on their behalf.

New team of lawyers go full throttle

In the petition, Britney and her new lawyer Mathew Rosengart open up heavy guns. They criticize that Jamie “terrorized” his daughter and “profited greatly from his position”. In other words: the 68-year-old exploited the singer. Jamie transferred a monthly salary of over 13,000 euros and earned a percentage on her Vegas show and a world tour: another 2 million euros! Finally, Britney’s new legal team alleges that Jamie is unable to conduct Britney’s business affairs, pointing out that the family firm “had financial difficulties under his leadership and filed for bankruptcy in 1998.”

Sanity suffers from Jamie’s machinations

As for Britney’s sanity, the complaint states that Jamie and Britney’s relationship is “toxic” and “affects Ms. Spears’ sanity, well-being and ability to pursue and continue her exceptional career.” ” The situation was so bad that Britney’s life was turned upside down by the conflict with her father. Words like “traumatizing, crazy and depressing” are used. It is now in the hands of the guardianship judge to make a decision. (lkr)

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