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OnlyFans: Is Paul Janke getting started in the erotic business now?

Instagram was yesterday, today’s celebrities register with OnlyFans. The advantage of this is that the tills can ring without annoying advertising cooperations, you just have to show a little more skin.

OnlyFans – never heard of it? “Everything is allowed. You can show everything you want, ”explains the eternal“ Bachelor ”in an interview with the Vox magazine “Prominent!”. The payment platform is known for erotic to pornographic recordings of stars, for which fans have to dig into their pockets every month. Everyone decides for themselves how much they want to reveal. The subscription costs are correspondingly different.

Cheaper than the Yotta

Reality TV star Bastian Yotta, rapper Fler and “Sommerhaus” star Georgina Fleur have already registered, now Paul Janke also wants to … or pull out. For this, the 39-year-old can be photographed in sexy poses by a professional photographer – and is almost completely naked. But he would never show his “little piece”, the OnlyFans newcomer assures in an interview. That’s why the little Janke in the photos is barely covered with palm leaf or a towel.

And what should the whole thing cost now? Not as much as with Yotta! “If he takes 19.99 euros, I should actually take 99.99 euros,” jokes the ex-“Bachelor” and promises: “At 12.99 euros you are there!” It is still unclear whether his followers on Instagram are now have to do without the revealing photos that Janke previously made available completely free of charge.

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