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One of the most disturbing cult films of the 2000s finally in 4K

Before Christian Bale became Bruce Wayne for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, he celebrated his acting breakthrough with a completely different role. In the film adaptation of the scandalous novel American Psycho, he plays the young Wall Street broker Patrick Bateman, who is also a sadistic serial killer is – or is it?

In her film, director Mary Harron tears the superficial glossy facade of the 80s to pieces and unleashes Christian Bale as the perfect-looking monster between a pop music seminar, business card contests and rattling chainsaws. American Psycho will be released in Germany on June 24, 2021 finally for the first time in 4K as a worthy collector’s edition.

American Psycho packages criticism of the dissolute 80s into a black comedy

In his book, author Bret Easton Ellis exercises strong Criticism of jaded hedonism and the Wall Street greed of the 80s in America. Pages of descriptions of branded products and expensive clothing alternate with incredibly brutal descriptions of the most repulsive violent crimes.

Check out the German trailer for American Psycho here:

American Psycho – Trailer (German)


The American Psycho film does not reach the explicit cruelty of the original. Mary Harron prefers one from her film very black comedy made, which skilfully captures the core of the novel.

Above all, Christian Bale in his first major role, Patrick Bateman plays wonderfully as a slick charmer with a dream body. Through the off-screen comments, we dive into the sick head of the empty main character, while it is never clear whether the interspersed bloody deeds of Bateman might be only in his imagination occur.

This makes American Psycho a great mix of brutal psychological thriller, entertaining grotesque and sharp social criticism – packaged in elegant pictures and accompanied by chart hits from the time that Patrick Bateman could hold monologues about for hours.

The 4K edition of American Psycho is a highlight for collectors and fans of the film

The upcoming special edition of the cult film will bring the film in perfect quality on a 4K UHD Blu-ray. There is also the usual Blu-ray and 2 DVDs with lots of bonus material. There’s also a cool extra Huey Lewis & the News CD to. Those who know the film will be able to place the name of the band immediately.

American Psycho 4K edition

In the limited edition of American Psycho were even more gimmicks packed. The collector’s version also includes a drawing by Patrick Bateman, a floor plan and a business card. Definitely a great addition to the collection for fans of the film.

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Are you going to grab American Psycho in 4K for the collection?



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