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Netflix finally reveals the big secret

Robert Downey Jr. soon returns to the realm of comic book heroes. His days as Iron Man are numbered – no matter how much Marvel fans want to revive him – but as the producer of the DC series adaptation Sweet Tooth, he will soon be an epic about bringing superhuman mythical creatures to Netflix. The new trailer finally shows what is actually going wrong in the brutal world of the fantasy series.

Check out the new German trailer for the Netflix series Sweet Tooth here:

Sweet Tooth – Trailer (German) HD


Netflix Reveals Robert Downey Jrs’ Secret. DC series

While the first teaser for the Netflix series was rather vague, the new insight finally reveals the apocalyptic catastrophe of the Sweet Tooth world: A mysterious disease has wiped out large parts of mankind as a collection of “greedy[n], self-destructive[n] Essence ” possibly just got her just punishment. But then a miracle happens.

The race of hybrids is born – a hybrid of humans and animals. Nobody knows exactly how they came about and yet instantly become the focus of a brutal conflict: While half of humanity blames them for the terrible disease and wants to kill them, the other half wants to help them – or worships them like gods. Not an easy existence for the little deer hybrid Gus (Christian Convery), called Sweet Tooth.

DC’s deer boy has a long odyssey ahead of him on Netflix

To escape human atrocities, he wants to flee to a hybrid hideaway in Colorado, where his own kind can supposedly live in peace. Hordes of cold-blooded fanatics are always on his heels. Only the advice of his father (Will Forte) and acquaintances like Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) save him from death and bring him closer to his goal.

Doesn’t have it easy: Hirschbube Gus

And in the end, Sweet Tooth won’t just unravel the mystery of the global apocalypse. The dividing lines between friend and foe also quickly become blurred and little is what it seems. When Robert Downey Jrs. DC series starts on June 4, 2021 on Netflix, surprises could lurk around every corner.

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Are you looking forward to Sweet Tooth?

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