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Natalie Portman reacts to baby rumors – differently than expected

Hollywood star saw herself after tabloids recently speculated that she was pregnant Natalie Portman forced to take a stand. In an Instagram story that was available for a limited time, the 39-year-old shared a screenshot of an article that assumed she had a baby bump – and thus drew attention to a problem other than simply the violation of her privacy. “I’m kind of not pregnant,” said Portman. “But apparently in 2021 it’s still okay to speculate about a woman’s body shape and comment on it whenever you want?”

Portman wants to point out grievances

Portman is considered an ardent feminist in Hollywood. She has recently received a lot of praise for her action to demand equal rights for women at the Oscars 2020 with the names of women directors on her cape. But there was also criticism – especially from my colleague Rose McGowan. she had Portman accused of a “fraud”. “I’m not writing this out of bitterness,” McGowan explained at the time via Facebook: “I write this out of disgust.” At the Academy Awards, not a single woman was nominated in the “Best Director” category. With her widely acclaimed cloak Portman merely “played the role of someone who cares,” etched McGowan. Finally got Portman even worked with two women directors during her long career – “you were one of them,” wrote McGowan Portman agile.



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