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Megastar Tom Cruise was persuaded to become “Top Gun” after all ·

In an interview, producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke about “Top Gun” and revealed that they had to convince Tom Cruise to be lucky.

Just in time for the 35th anniversary of the action classic “Top Gun – You fear neither death nor the devil” will be the sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” by director Joseph Kosinski on November 18, 2021 start in German cinemas. For many older fans, it will be a return to the role they first saw Tom Cruise in 1986: as fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

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The then 24-year-old was not long in the business and after sensational appearances in “The Outsider – Rebels without Reason” and “The Cadets of Bunker Hill” had his first leading roles in “Loose Business” and “Legend” behind him. But nobody could count on the meteoric rise to Hollywood’s A-League, which was to wait for him with “Top Gun”.

At first, Cruise was probably not taken with the prospect of participating in an alleged commercial for the US Navy, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed in an interview with Variety. So those responsible had to use a trick to change the minds of the mimes they really wanted:

“It was’nt easy. We wanted Tom after seeing ‘Loose Business’ and he hustled around. So we arranged for him to fly the Blue Angels at the naval base in El Centro, California. He drove up there on his motorcycle and had just shot the movie ‘Legend’ with Ridley Scott. His hair was long and he wore a ponytail. They glanced at him and thought, ‘Let’s give the hippie a wild ride.’ They took him with them in an F-14 [Tomcat], turned him upside down and did all kinds of stunts to scare him off and make sure he would never get into a cockpit again. But they did the opposite. He landed, went to a phone booth, called me and said, ‘Jerry, I’m doing the movie. I love it.'”

In fact, Tom Cruise later got a pilot’s license himself. So the experience was not only good for the film, but also for Cruise as a private individual.

It took Tom Cruise 35 years to return to the cockpit of a fighter jet. Also the stars in this one Video have played their well-known roles again after decades:

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This is what “Top Gun: Maverick” is about

After more than 30 years in active service, the gifted Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is now responsible as an instructor for future top pilots for the US armed forces. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), son of Mitchell’s late buddy Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, is one of his new recruits. And apparently he still has an account to be taken with him.

Kosinski described “Top Gun: Maverick” in an interview as a “film about growing up, just like the first film. But this man is now at a different point in his life ”. And somewhere this description also fits main actor Tom Cruise himself.

Tom Cruise can not only fly, he can run too. And how! Can you only recognize all films from a running scene?

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