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Mark Wahlberg unpacks a new extreme nutrition plan

The muscle war between DC and Marvel is slowly getting more and more chaotic due to the competition. It was only at the weekend that we reported that Will Smith, who had been stricken by the pandemic, was now indirectly interfering in the fight between Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor 4) for the best body.

Now Johnson’s old Pain & Gain companion Mark Wahlberg is jumping back in Bodybuilding of the most extreme kind. For a new film project, the star actor put on a lot of weight while still relying on muscle mass. You get dizzy with your eating plan for this.

With an extreme diet, Mark Wahlberg has already put on almost 9 kilos in 3 weeks

In the upcoming drama Stu by Mel Gibson’s partner Rosalind Ross, Wahlberg plays a boxer who retires from sports because of injuries and wants to become a priest. For the based on a true story In the film, the star is currently training a special body, which he already revealed in his first Instagram post:

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The change by Wahlberg can already be seen quite strongly here. He is said to have gained almost 9 kilos in 3 weeks, but the star packs not just fat, but also more muscle mass on it.

In an interview with E! On-line Wahlberg’s personal chef, Lawrence Duran, has now revealed what a wicked nutrition plan the actor eats. With 7,000 calories daily and meals every 3 hours he quickly gains fat and muscle mass:

The morning usually starts at 3 a.m. and his first breakfast consists of four eggs – this is the early breakfast. Then he does his workout and after the workout, which usually takes place between 5 and 6 a.m., I make eight eggs, six strips of bacon, a cup of rice, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a protein shake. It’s his protein-inspired weight gain to build a bit more muscle too.

After this double XXL breakfast but does it really start:

Then, three hours later, I’ll make some kind of ground beef or turkey, whether it’s made into a hamburger or a meatloaf, with another cup of rice. And then, three hours later, I usually make half a fried chicken, another cup of rice, a cup of boiled spinach, and a cup of boiled carrots.

Muscle warfare: Watch the first teaser for the DC film Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson:

Black Adam – Teaser (English) HD


Who is after this description already full for days should read on carefully:

Three hours later there is either a veal chop or a pork chop – I make about 200 grams of it and then a small piece of salmon with another cup of rice, olive oil and carrots on the side.

And then we make another mealwhich usually consists of 200 grams of steak, 200 grams of white fish like sea bass or halibut, and load up tons of vegetables.

After what feels like mountains of food, the bed is just right. But not for Mark Wahlberg, who is still getting one through his nutrition plan very special dessert Must approve before bedtime:

And then there’s the bedtime snack, just before he goes to sleep, we make a special porridge that consists of a cup of boiled oatmeal, two tablespoons of applesauce, two tablespoons of jelly or jam, two tablespoons of almond butter and one tablespoon of molasses. He’s got to knock this off before he goes to bed. It is there so that he can pack on more mass while he sleeps.

Even if we don’t know the diet plans of Dwayne Johnson or Chris Hemsworth, Mark Wahlberg puts in here for his special body dizzying workload before. Of course, he was examined and advised by a doctor beforehand so that the feeding orgies would not escalate. Even so, it almost seems as if Wahlberg is simply eating away all the food in the muscle war between Marvel and DC’s two camps.

What do you think of Mark Wahlberg’s current extreme nutrition plan?



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