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John David Washington is hunted in the trailer for the Netflix action thriller

Source: Netflix

Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, Martin and Charlie Sheen, James and Josh Brolin, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Jerry and Ben Stiller – Hollywood has a long tradition of sons who followed in the footsteps of their famous fathers and successfully stepped out of their shadows could. Even John David Washington, the son of two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington, has been able to build up a remarkable résumé in recent years and is looking forward to a very promising career. In the HBO series “Ballers” he first drew attention to himself with Spike Lee’s Oscar nominee BlacKkKlansman Then came the big breakthrough, and his confident, charismatic performance in Christopher Nolans Tenet catapulted him into the premier league of Hollywood’s new action stars last year.

Anyone who liked his appearance in the film can look forward to another action-packed role from Washington soon. In Beckett he plays the eponymous American who, together with his girlfriend April (Alicia Vikander) is on a romantic vacation in Greece. After a devastating car accident, however, events roll over and Beckett suddenly becomes the wanted man who gets caught in the middle of a conspiracy and is to be eliminated. Beckett believes he can get protection at the US embassy in Athens, and to get there he gets help from Lena, a political activist played by Vicky Krieps (The silk thread).

Originally under the title Born to Be Murdered is produced Beckett Celebrate its world premiere on August 4th at the Locarno Film Festival and then on 13 August worldwide at Netflix appear. Netflix The black and white chamber play also made its debut this year Malcom & Marie with Washington. In Beckett However, things will get a little more exciting and fast-paced, as you can already see in the trailer:

German trailer

Original trailer

Acclaimed Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino produced Beckett,. This is no coincidence, because director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino worked as a second-unit director on Guadagnino’s films Call Me By Your Name, Suspiria and A bigger splash.

Beckett Judging by the trailer, tells a story that we have often seen in one form or another: an innocent, unsuspecting average citizen unknowingly gets into a conspiracy and becomes the plaything of powerful figures. Old school political thriller from directors like Alan J. Pakula (The incorruptible) and Sidney Pollack (The interpreter, The three days of the Condor) were the godparents for Beckettwho takes the political unrest in Greece as the background for his story. Such traditional conspiracy thrillers are very close to my heart and the cast of Washington, Vikander, Krieps and Boyd Holbrook (“Narcos”) also reads very well. As always, I think it’s a shame that such films don’t even make it into the cinemas anymore, but at Netflix he will surely find a lot of spectators.

The poster for the film can be seen below:

Beckett Netflix Trailer & Poster

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