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Jennifer Lawrence: Your honeymoon villa costs 11,500 euros – per night

Jennifer Lawrence
Your honeymoon villa costs 11,500 euros – per night

Jennifer Lawrence

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After Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot on October 19, they now enjoy romantic days as a freshly baked couple in front of an opulent backdrop. That costs the couple a lot.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, 29, should be in seventh heaven right now: Not only did she marry her friend, gallery owner Cooke Maroney, during a wonderfully beautiful ceremony a few weeks ago, the newlyweds are currently shimmering in an exclusive resort in Indonesia – with a price tag that should leave one or the other amazed.

Already the wedding in October with around 150 guests, including some celebrities such as comedian Amy Schumer, actress Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, or Jennifer’s “Panem” colleague Liam Hemsworth, the couple had a lot to pay for. The celebrations took place at the imposing castle “Belcourt of Newport” in the US state of Rhode Island. They supposedly served canapés such as sweet potato flatbreads and Brussels sprouts with egg yolk, smoked pork belly, pickled apple pieces or fried chicken wings.

Jennifer Lawrence: She is shimmering in the 5-star resort Nihi Sumba

But not only the couple’s wedding location can be described as impressive, Jennifer and Cooke have also chosen a luxurious place to stay for their honeymoon, according to “People”: The 5-star resort Nihi Sumba in Indonesia was not for nothing twice as a result of the magazine ” Travel + Leisure “named the best hotel in the world.

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The couple have five luxury villas all to themselves

But why rent a villa in the luxury resort when you can have five. Accordingly, the prominent lovebirds are said to have claimed the Mandaka property, consisting of five villas. Cost per night: around 11,500 euros.

But the actress and the gallery owner are also offered some highlights: four-poster beds, handmade chocolate at the minibar, horse rides on the beach in front of the Indian Ocean, all kinds of water sports, a spa that leaves nothing to be desired – and of course: a romantic view of the sunset or sunrise in front of a wonderful backdrop.

How long the couple will flicker in Indonesia is not known. But one thing can be said with certainty: you will always find relaxation on this paradisiacal piece of earth.

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