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Hugh Jackman hugs his mother, who left him as a little boy>entertainment>

August 24, 2021 – 12:05 pm clock

For Hugh Jackman, the loss of his mother was “traumatic”

“Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman was eight when his mother, Grace McNeil, left her family in Australia and returned to the UK. The now 52-year-old spoke in interviews about how “traumatic” this experience of being abandoned was for him as a boy. In a recent Instagram photo, he is celebrating a special reunion with his mother Grace.

When Hugh was 8, his mother left the family without warning

Time heals wounds after all. On August 23, Hugh Jackman posted a photo on his Instagram account in which he lovingly put his arm around his mother’s shoulders. Both smile at each other. Hugh simply writes: “Mum”.

A mother-son moment that almost never happened again. Because Hugh, who is the father of two adopted children, remembers the morning when his mother disappeared from his life. She didn’t even officially say goodbye to him at the time. When Hugh got back from school she was just gone. The next day a telegram came from England, the actor recalled in an interview with “Good Morning Australia” in 2012. His father, Christopher Jackman, prayed every day that Grace would return. Hugh had hoped for a long time too. It wasn’t until he was 12 that he realized that his mother would never come back to Australia.

After his parents divorced, Hugh’s sisters Zoe and Sonya moved to live with their mother in England while he stayed in Australia with his father. Once a year he saw his mother. Despite this trauma, Hugh, who has been happily married to his wife Deborra-Lee for 25 years, never thought that Grace would not love him. In October 2011 he stated in “The Sun”: “I am now 43 and we have made our peace with what is important. I have a good relationship with my mother today”.

That now also explains the sweet snapshot, for which there are many hearts and likes from Hugh’s Instagram followers. (csp)

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