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Hollywood News: Cameron Diaz is not planning any new film projects

Hollywood news in GALA ticker: +++ Cameron Diaz talks about her future as an actress +++ That’s what Jennifer Garner from Ana de Armas thinks, the newcomer to Ben Affleck +++ Megan Fox + Brian Austin Green: surprising statement ++ +

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May 22nd: Cameron Diaz talks about her future plans

It’s been six years since Cameron Diaz, 47, was in front of the camera. In 2014 she played Miss Hannigan in the remake of “Annie” – her last role for the time being. Since then, fans have been hoping for a comeback for the 47-year-old. What Diaz now announced in an Instagram livestream will therefore disappoint many. The “Crazy About Mary” actress enjoys her family life to the fullest and is not planning any new projects.

“I won’t be making any more films for the time being,” explains Cameron Diaz in an interview with Ara Katz.

“But I do a lot of livestreams on Instagram because I think it’s a lot of fun to get in touch with you guys and say ‘hello’,” said Diaz. The actress confirms the fears of her fans. The actress had already mentioned to “InStyle” in 2019 that she did not miss acting. Nothing seems to have changed about that so far. On the contrary: The 47-year-old has started a new chapter in her life for a few months.

In January it was announced that Diaz and her husband Benji Madden, 40, had become parents to their young daughter Raddix. So right now, Cameron Diaz seems over the moon with her role as a mother. The “Good Charlotte” guitarist confirmed on Instagram that the former actress is enjoying her new life as a mother. “Whether she gets up early to take care of all of us or researches everything to make sure we are the best parents for our daughter, she is a force of nature and I am very grateful.” Whether Diaz will ever be in front of the camera again does not seem entirely out of the question. After all, she speaks of “for the time being” and thus leaves a small back door open not only for her fans, but certainly also for herself.

Revealed! This is what Jennifer Garner really thinks of Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend

This situation can always be a bit difficult: Jennifer Garner, 48, and Ben Affleck, 47, have been separated since 2015 and officially divorced since 2018, but their children, Violet, 14, Seraphina, eleven, and Samuel, eight, connect the two Hollywood stars forever. And when someone has a new partner, the whole situation can get really tricky. When do you introduce the new girlfriend of dad or mum’s new boyfriend to the children? Jennifer Garner has been in a relationship with entrepreneur John Miller, 42, for about two years, and Ben Affleck recently had a new partner at his side. He is happy with Cuban actress Ana de Armas, 32. But what does Jennifer think of her successor? An insider chatted to “Us Weekly” about her current emotional state. “Even if it is hard to see him carry on and be so happy, she is incredibly happy that he is happy and at a healthy point in his life. That is what she wants for the father of her children.” Ben Affleck made headlines in the past with his alcohol addiction and repeatedly battled the disease. Now, it seems, he has left his demons behind and attaches great importance to being a good father to his kids. His new partner also finds that admirable. “[Ana] thinks Ben is such a sweet and nice guy. She admires the way he juggles so much between work, his kids, and bringing up Jen together. Ben divides his time [zwischen Ana und seiner Familie] and, as always, the most important thing in his life is the children. ”

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May 21: Brian Austin Green: Surprising statement after separating from Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green, 46, announced the break of love just a few days ago, stating that he and Megan Fox, 34, had ended their ten-year marriage. But the former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star has left a back door open when it comes to a future love comeback. He and Megan had a wild roller coaster relationship that included breakups. So far, they have always found each other – will it be the same this time? Brian Austin Green could imagine that his love for the mother of his three children, Journey River, three, Bodhi Ransom, six, and Noah Shannon, seven, could have another chance in the future. He stated in his podcast “… With Brian Austin Green” that they “could get back together” because they still had “a long life ahead of them”. So enough time to find each other again. “For the moment we’re going in different directions, but we could go in the same direction again. Or maybe not. We don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t want to make predictions because I have no idea.” He went on to explain that they will always love one another. Perfect conditions for a nice love comeback … one day.

May 20: Brad Pitt brings joy with a video message

Graduates from a university in Missouri certainly did not expect this: Hollywood megastar and Oscar winner Brad Pitt, 56, had an important video message ready for the graduating class of “Missouri State University”. The actor (“Fight Club”) grew up in Missouri and went to school and wanted to please the students, who unfortunately have to celebrate differently than expected due to the corona crisis. “It must feel weird to graduate in the current situation, but remember: We believe in you! You will make the world a better place,” were the motivating words of Brad Pitt in the Twitter video. Even the greatest Hollywood star doesn’t forget his roots. Great Brad!

May 19: Is Megan Fox in love again?

Brian Austin Green, 46, has just confirmed the end of his ten-year marriage to Megan Fox, 34, and there is already whispering about who could be his successor. Recordings that are available to the American portal TMZ show the actress with the US rapper Machine Gun Kelly, 30. In the photos, the two sit in his car and drove through their neighborhood in Los Angeles to get food. Megan and the musician know each other from working together on the film “Midnight In The Switchgrass”, which is on hold due to the coronavirus. But apparently they want to spend their time together despite the interrupted filming. A strong indication that more could have developed between the rapper, whose real name is Colson Baker. Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK, is a rapper and actor from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s signed to Bad Boy Entertainment by Sean Combs, 50, and is known for mixing hip-hop with rock and metal elements.

May 18: Rachel Weisz speaks openly about late motherhood

In August 2018, actress Rachel Weisz, 50, became a mother for the second time. When their daughter, one with “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig, 52, was born, the actress was 48 years old. From a previous relationship, the British woman already has a son, Henry, 13. Weisz has now spoken quite openly about what it is like to be a mother again late.

Weisz told Harper’s Bazaar: “I’m more tired than last time.” But she has a lot of fun and enjoys the time with her daughter. In the meantime she has become more patient. “Yesterday we wanted to go for a walk. I had a plan where we could go. However, we only made it two meters, because firstly there was an interesting stick and secondly we discovered a moth. That’s why we didn’t go anywhere,” says the 50-year-old . Now she is simply more flexible than with her son.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have been married since 2011. Craig also has a child from a previous relationship, a 28-year-old daughter named Ella.

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