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George Clooney + Julia Roberts: Pretty Best Friends – How come?

The friendship between George Clooney and Julia Roberts has lasted longer than their marriages. How does this work?

When these two put their heads together, they look like a dream couple. Both attractive, both those bright eyes, both successful. But it never cracked between Julia Roberts, 53, and George Clooney, 59. The joint shooting of the comedy “Ticket To Paradise” won’t change that either. Because the Hollywood stars have been pretty good friends for 20 years.

George Clooney + Julia Roberts: The Secret of Their Friendship

What makes their relationship so special? The wonderfully refreshing humor. It was like that back in 2001 when Clooney and Roberts were filming “Ocean’s Eleven” in Las Vegas.

They laughed so much on set that they could barely finish their scenes. And after work it went on: When George had to travel for two days in between, Julia and colleague Brad Pitt completely redecorated Clooney’s suite in pink. Why? That was Julia’s sweet revenge, because he had previously put a pretty real-looking plastic snake in her bed.

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George Clooney: “Julia is like a sister to me”

Sure, there were always rumors of love. Even when Robert’s first engagement broke up. But Clooney says, “Julia is like a sister to me.” And you talk to her when life isn’t going so well. In the past, when both were still looking for love, they advised and comforted each other.

Today, a lot of their conversations are about the children. Because Julia’s husband Danny Moder, 52, and George’s wife Amal, 43, have also become friends. “We have closely woven our lives together,” says Roberts. This also includes holidays together in the Clooney villa on Lake Como.

The spouses will have no peace of mind when Julia and George will soon play lovers in the film. No matter how fantastic the two look together.


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