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“Frustrated”: Nicole Kidman didn’t get any roles after 40

She was passed over! Nicole Kidman (54) is one of the most successful and famous actresses in the world. Her countless awards include an Oscar – she has even been nominated four times for the award for “Best Actress”. One could think that the Australian would continue to be a sought-after actress. But far from it! Nicole now says that the older she got, the fewer and fewer interesting offers she received.

The failure of the main role offers was loud Daily Mail with the birth of their daughter Sunday Rose (13) started – Nicole was 41 years old at the time. She was “frustrated” at the time: “Ok, that was it now! You are now over 40 and nobody is interested in your stories or who you are as a woman or a person”the 54-year-old thought at the time. In her disappointment, she even considered giving up her career.

But in the end, thanks to her mother, she did not turn her back on Hollywood. “You are an artist and you can’t just leave it behind”, her mother Janelle encouraged her. In response to the rejection, Nicole finally decided to found her own film production company – a success story! With Blossom Films, for example, she worked as a producer on the series Big Little Lies and cast a leading role.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

ROBYN BECK / AFP via Getty Images

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman, movie star
Nicole Kidman on the set of “The Undoing”



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