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Expendables 4 ?: Sylvester Stallone hints at a sequel – culture

No picture fits more action: The cast of “The Expendables” series, including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren. Photo: Splendid Film / WVG

Like her characters, the “The Expendables” series cannot be killed. At least that’s what her star Sylvester Stallone suggests and finally seems to be putting a fourth part into action.

Are the warriors of the film series “The Expendables” going on a tour of destruction for the fourth time? Seven years have passed since Sylvester Stallone (75) invited to the third and so far last meeting of the Who’s Who of the action world. Now, however, there are increasing signs that “The Expendables 4” will still become a reality – and Sly himself has made sure of that with a meaningful post on Instagram.

On his official account, the star posted a photo of a huge gold ring, a skull with red gemstone eyes grinning into the camera. The skull is the trademark of the rabid hero troop. Stallone also commented on the clunk with the words: “I’ve just finished designing the ring for ‘Expendables 4’. It’s a bit heavy, but it definitely gives you muscle on your fingertips.”

Not the first hint

Although this message seems overly clear, it would not be the first time that the fans still look into the tube in the end. Because originally the sequel was even planned for 2017. And three years ago, Stallone had also made a supposedly clear post via Instagram. At that time he published a picture showing him together with his “The Expendables” co-stars Jason Statham (54) and Randy Couture (58). “You’re coming back!” Was his announcement in 2018. It seems that he is now working late to turn this promise into reality.

Part one of “The Expendables” was released in 2010 and brought together Stallone with Arnold Schwarzenegger (74), Jason Statham and Bruce Willis (66), among others. In the course of the series, Chuck Norris (81), Jean-Claude Van Damme (60), Mel Gibson (65) and Harrison Ford (79) joined the cast, to name just a few. It has not yet been announced who of them would hold out their bones for a potential fourth part.



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