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Eva Green: Miss Peregrine was a fulfillment

Eva Green (36) likes to play mysterious women.

The actress is the star of the new Tim Burton film ‘The Isle of Special Children’, in which she takes care of young people who have special talents. It was a perfect role for Eva, because many facets were required of her. In an interview with Total Film magazine, she raved: “She’s such an unusual character. And I love that she is ready to risk and kill her life for the children.”

For authenticity, Eva found it helpful not to make friends with all the child actors, but rather to stay to yourself. However, there was also another reason: “I’m very shy and intimidated. That’s not exactly typical for an actor. But later I was able to relax.”

In her role as a mysterious woman who can also turn into a hawk, she also smokes a pipe. Was that just a dummy? “I really liked smoking the pipe. It’s a real pipe and it’s something of a ritual. It’s not easy. I like the smell, though.”

Eva Green has a preference for unusual roles that are not immediately transparent. In ‘Cracks’ she played a lesbian teacher who is obsessed with one of her students, in Bernardo Bertolucci’s ‘The Dreamers’ she is a seemingly chaste film lover who shows a student the dark side of eroticism, in ‘Dark Shadows’ she plays next to Johnny Depp a vampire. ‘The Island of Adventure’ opens in Germany on October 6th.

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