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Disney + turns Nicolas Cage films into their own series

Not that easy to keep track of: there are already two “Legacy” films in which actor Nicolas Cage searches for legendary treasures in the old Indiana Jones manner: “The Legacy of the Knights Templar” and ” The Book of Secrets”. A third film is also being planned. Since Disney owns the rights to the films, the company has now officially commissioned a series to match the films, which is to appear on the Disney + streaming service.

This is called “National Treasure”. That is the name of the two films in the English original. The series, a reinterpretation of the franchise, is produced by original producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writers Marianne and Cormac Wibberley.

“Legacy of the Knights Templar 3” comes with Nicolas Cage

"The legacy of the Knights Templar" gets its own series.
“The Legacy of the Knights Templar” gets its own series.

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Directed by Mira Nair, the series will explore identity, community and patriotism through the eyes of Jess Morales, a 20-year-old DREAMer who goes on an adventure to find a lost treasure and uncover her mysterious family history. “Dreamer” in the USA are people who have no ID and who came to the country at a young age. There are still no official announcements regarding the cast of the series, but according to Bruckheimer, the series will keep the same concept as the films, but come up with a much younger cast.

The Wibberleys are executive producers with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and the studio with ABC Signature. The show will also bring senior writers to the Wibberleys who worked with Bruckheimer on other films such as “Bad Boys II” and “G-Force”. In the meantime, Jon Turteltaub is working with writer Chris Bremner on a third film in which Nicolas Cage will return in the lead role of Benjamin Gates.

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