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Christmas films at Disney +: These 13 highlights will sweeten your winter days


Christmas movies and Disney +? From “Kevin – Alone at Home” to “A Christmas Story”, we show you the magical and family-friendly Top 13!

For the winter days: These are the best Christmas films on offer at Disney +

For the winter days: These are the best Christmas films on offer at Disney + (Source: Disney / / Montage: Netzwelt)

In view of the upcoming festive season, it is no great surprise that the programs of TV and streaming services are becoming more Christmassy. Due to its many years of experience in the field of family films, Disney can logically present a wide range of family-friendly Christmas films with its in-house streaming service Disney +.

From classics from the 1940s to “Kevin – Alone at Home” to modern Christmas films like “Noelle”, Disney + has something for everyone. To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve put together the 13 best Christmas films at Disney + for you. Have fun!


"Noelle" - A Disney + original starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

“Noelle” – A Disney + Original with Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader (Source: Disney)

The Disney + Original “Noelle” has a sweet approach. The point is that the Christmas hat is always passed on as a family tradition to Santa’s eldest son, thus creating a long dynasty of Santas. But Nick (Bill Hader) is not up to his task and runs away.

Nick’s sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick), unlike her brother, is always full of enthusiasm when Christmas comes and cannot understand her brother’s escape. So she goes looking for Nick, because Christmas would be ruined without Santa Claus.

Mickey’s Merry Christmas

Mickey's Merry Christmas

Mickey’s Merry Christmas (Source: Disney)

Great animations, cute stories and fun characters! “Mickey’s Merry Christmas” from 1999 is an entertaining episode film for young and old. We are told three Christmas stories that warmly bring us closer to the deeper meaning of Christmas.

First we are presented with a story about tick, trick and track and their Christmas party with Donald, Dagobert and Daisy. Then we take a look at the joint celebration of reflection between Goofy and his son Max, before we accompany the Disney figurehead Mickey Mouse.

Winnie the Pooh – honey-sweet Christmas time

"Winnie the Pooh - honey-sweet Christmas time" at Disney +

“Winnie the Pooh – Honey Sweet Christmas Time” at Disney + (Source:

The many lovable inhabitants of the Hundred Morning Forest are writing a letter to Santa Claus. When a story is told about Winnie the Pooh and friends it usually becomes heartwarming, hilarious, and most importantly, entertaining.

In “Winnie the Pooh – Honey Sweet Christmas Time”, the charm of Pooh is combined with the magic of Christmas and provides us with cozy entertainment for a cozy winter day.

Disney’s A Christmas Story

"Disney's A Christmas Story" at Disney +

“Disney’s A Christmas Story” at Disney + (Source:

When Robert Zemeckis (“Willkommen in Marwen”) directs a film, it gets cheesy, heartwarming (“Forrest Gump”), fun, exciting (“Back to the Future”) and sometimes a bit crazy in terms of animation technology (“Der Polarexpress”) ).

With “Disney’s A Christmas Story” he combines all his strengths and creates a film that plays exactly the right notes at Christmas time. It stars Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Robin Wright and Gray Oldman.

The Muppets Christmas story

"The Muppets Christmas story" - Winter fun with Kermit and Miss Piggy at Disney +

“The Muppets Christmas Story” – Winter fun with Kermit and Miss Piggy at Disney + (Source:

For many, “The Muppets Christmas Story” is part of the compulsory Christmas program, the film is viewed once a year! In addition to Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bär and Co., Michael Caine can also be seen in the lead role.

Enriched with the characteristic humor of Jim Henson (“The Dark Crystal”), Charles Dickens’ Christmas story is given a unique touch. This Christmas highlight is pure pleasure!

Kevin home alone

"Kevin home alone" - Can Kevin fend off the criminals?  Find out at Disney +!

“Kevin – Home Alone” – Can Kevin hold off the criminals? Find out at Disney +! (Source:

“Knock knock knockin ‘on Kevin’s door!” – Every year, numerous viewers enjoy the film “Kevin – Alone at Home” and its sequel “Kevin – Alone in New York”.

The films count as great classics and offer great fun for the whole family in addition to great music by “Star Wars” composer John Williams, great actors like Joe Pesci (“The Irishman”) and great Christmas decorations.

Directed by family film veteran Chris Columbus (“Harry Potter”), “Kevin – Alone at Home” tells the story of a boy who is forgotten by his family at home in the run-up to Christmas when they go on vacation.

The panic is great and even greater when two intruders step on the scene. Now Kevin has to show creativity in fighting the intruders. In the ludicrous sequel, Kevin meets the two burglars again – this time in New York.

Snow Dogs – eight heroes on four paws

"Snow Dogs - eight heroes on four paws" with Cuba Gooding, Jr. at Disney +

“Snow Dogs – Eight Heroes on Four Paws” with Cuba Gooding, Jr. at Disney + (Source:

Cuba Gooding, Jr. meets western legend James Coburn! Also there, “Star Trek” veteran Nichelle Nichols. “Snow Dogs – Eight Heroes on Four Paws” is an exciting story about Iditarod, the toughest sled race in the world in Alaska.

The focus is on the dentist Ted, who has to rearrange his life and, through inheriting several sled dogs, discovers completely new aspects of himself.

A winter adventure story for the whole family with charismatic main characters and cute dogs, which is ideal for the post-Christmas period on a snowy morning and is actually on TV every year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Frozen – Completely unabashed

"The Frozen - Completely unabashed" and "Frozen 2" now at Disney +

“Frozen – Totally Unabashed” and “Frozen 2” now at Disney + (Source: © Disney)

If you really want to relax during the Christmas season – and let go, then “The Ice Queen – Totally Unabashed” is the right film for you! The story of the two sisters Elsa and Anna is a modern classic from the Disney forge and even received a sequel “Frozen 2” in 2019.

With a lot of magic and great animations, the film also harbors dangers, be prepared for numerous catchy tunes that will not let you go. After viewing the film, Disney will guide you through the Christmas season with great hits.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" - Wintry horror from Tim Burton at Disney +

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” – wintry horror from Tim Burton at Disney + (Source:

Granted, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” could also be a Halloween movie. However, we want to leave the decision up to you and include the animation fun of Tim Burton (“Dumbo”) in our list of the best Christmas movies on Disney +.

Wonderfully scary, bizarre, funny and Christmassy, ​​this animated film tells the story of the pumpkin king Jack Skellington, who is annoyed by the constant shower festival and now wants to take over Christmas, but that puts Santa Claus in danger …


Animation classics "Anastasia" at Disney +

Animation classic “Anastasia” at Disney + (Source:

A magical fairy tale about the question of your own identity! “Anastasia” tells the story of the Russian tsar’s daughter who was the only one rescued from her family during the revolution. She grows up as an orphan and has no idea who she actually is. Winter animation fun with a fantastic soundtrack!

The miracle of Manhattan

"The miracle of Manhattan" - The classic film on the Disney + streaming service

“The Miracle of Manhattan” – The classic film on streaming service Disney + (Source:

The ultimate Christmas classic, “Miracle on 34th Street” or “The Wonder of Manhattan”! Although many would recommend the original from 1947, we are referring to the modern version from the 1990s. Both films are available to stream on Disney +.

In the (meanwhile again old) new edition, Sir Richard Attenborough (“Gandhi”, “Jurassic Park”) plays Santa Claus. Its disarming charm completely captivates the viewer and ensures that we cannot escape the wonder of Manhattan.

The film tells the touching story of Kris Kringle, Santa Claus who works as a department store Santa Claus. When the man claims he is the real Santa, a lawsuit is initiated.

Santa Clause – A nice present

"Santa Clause - A nice present" - The cult film trilogy with Tim Allen on Disney +

“Santa Clause – A nice present” – The cult film trilogy with Tim Allen at Disney + (Source:

For many, Tim Allen’s version of Santa Claus is part of every Christmas season. Most of the time, one of the three “Santa Clause” films will be shown on television as soon as you turn it on in December, but this year we will be able to watch the films specifically on Disney +.

The story is about a man, Tim Allen, who caught Santa Claus on the roof with his daughter. Thereupon it is frightened and falls down. Now Tim Allen has to put on Santa’s coat and save the festival of love. But not only does his responsibility grow, so does his stomach and beard.

We also summarize for you what the streaming providers and the television program have to offer on the holidays:

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