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Chris Hemsworth congratulates “Avengers” colleague Chris Evans on his birthday – with a wrong photo

Superheroes also like to drag their colleagues through the cocoa. Chris Hemsworth congratulated his “Avengers” co-star Chris Evans on his birthday: “Happy 40th Birthday, Chris Evans. You’ll always be my # 1! ”Wrote Hemsworth.

Except that “Thor” then added a photo in which not “Captain America”, but Chris Pratt grinning with him into the camera – known as Peter Quill alias Star-Lord from Marvel’s “Guardians of The Galaxy” films.

Fooling around between the Marvel stars with the first name “Chris” is already a tradition and the fans also comment on the joke. One commented: “Chris Evans has really changed.” To which the next fan wrote (intentionally wrong): “Stop it … it’s obviously Chris Pine”.

Pine, best known for succeeding William Shatner in the role of Captain James Tiberius Kirk in three “Star Trek” films to date (a fourth film has been planned for a long time), was the voice of Peter “Spider” at Marvel -Man ”Parker in the animated film“ Spider-Man: A New Universe ”. And he starred in the two DC comic adaptations about “Wonder Woman”.

Hasta la vista, Chris! The Terminator confuses his son-in-law

However, it also happens that fans really confuse the superhero actor with the first name Chris. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger announced in a podcast his daughter Katherine her husband was “Chris Evans” before he quickly improved: “Sorry, not Chris Evans. I’ve screwed up now. I meant Chris Pratt, my favorite son-in-law. “

The “Guardians” star took his father-in-law’s confusion with humor: “I’m your ‘only’ son-in-law and should then be your favorite too!”

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