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Cameron Diaz: Actress now makes organic wine

Cameron Diaz
Actress now makes organic wine

Cameron Diaz went among the winemakers. The actress launched her first own wine – organic, of course.

It took two years, now Hollywood star Cameron Diaz (47, “Sex Tape”) can present her first two wines of her own. The drops called Avaline are said to be organic wines in “their purest form”.

Diaz announced the launch of the wine brand via Instagram. Over a glass of wine with their good friend, entrepreneur Katherine Power, two years ago they realized that they knew the ingredients of everything that they put into their bodies. “So why not wine too?” Asked Diaz. In another statement, from which the US magazine “People” quotes, among others, Diaz admitted that he did not know anything about wine production: “We found out that most wines are not made from organic grapes and that they can be enriched with over 70 additives. “

They would have wanted to do without all these things for their own wine, Diaz continued. Their goal was to produce wine in “its purest form”. The Avaline range currently includes a white and a rosé wine. A bottle costs 24 dollars (around 21 euros).

Difficult finding a name

The naming had proven difficult, since all the names that came into consideration had already been taken. So the new vintners resorted to an online baby name finder: “We scoured countless pages for baby names,” revealed Diaz in an interview with the US edition of the fashion magazine “InStyle”. At Avaline, both agreed: “That’s him.”




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