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Anne Hathaway: “After shooting I had to go to bed for a few days”

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“After shooting I had to stay in bed for a few days”

Official trailer for the first season of “Modern Love”

The anthology series “Modern Love” has been running on Amazon Prime Video since October 18. It is based on the column of the same name in the “New York Times”. Also there: Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) and John Slattery (“Man Men”).

The new Amazon series “Modern Love” promises a realistic view of love in this day and age. Anne Hathaway plays a young woman with bipolar disorder – and apparently couldn’t just give up the role.

VInfatuation in old age, love despite a large age gap, a gay couple who want to have children, dating with a mental disorder – in the episodes of the series “Modern Love” one taboo follows the other. The social criticism is subtle. There is no slap on the table that makes the viewer flinch. The eight love stories are told with such ease that they are perfect for a relaxed evening after work. And all of this without the risk of binge watching. Because in “Modern Love” there is no continuous story, but a new one with each episode. The series is based on the “New York Times” column of the same name and thus on true stories that have been almost a little too Hollywoodized.

The first-class cast reinforces this impression. In addition to Tina Fey (“Date Night”), John Slattery (“Man Men”), Gary Carr (“Downton Abbey”) and Julia Garner (“Ozark”) Anne Hathaway also plays. She embodies a woman with bipolar disorder in the episode “Take me for who I am, whoever I am”.

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In the telephone interview, she explains how she prepared for the role: “I spoke to Terri Cheney, the woman who wrote the column for this episode. We had a very long conversation, which gave me an insight into her personality and the typical peculiarities of her character. ”Cheney’s book“ Manic: A Memoir ”also helped her with the preparation.

However, Hathaway did not have much time to familiarize himself with the role, as she explains: “We shot very quickly. It was basically, ‘Learn your lines, follow your instincts and the director’s directions.’ “

It seems to have been much more difficult than impersonating a bipolar woman to give up the role again: “I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about being an actress. I love my job. But I wasn’t prepared for how tired I would be at the end, “recalls the Oscar winner.” After shooting, I had to stay in bed for a few days and find my balance again. “

New comedy series “Modern Love” on Amazon Prime

Source: dpa / Christopher Saunders

Hathaway herself has also spoken publicly about her experiences with mental health problems, such as depression as a teenager. Still, she doesn’t seem to want to identify too much with the role: “I don’t feel comfortable comparing my own experience with someone who has bipolar disorder,” she explains. Instead, she tried to use the role to represent her friends who suffer from a mental disorder.

“We all either have a mental disorder or we know someone who does,” says the actress. For this reason, it is better to be honest and there for one another than to be prejudiced. “I think that mental illnesses are stigmatized because we do not listen to people with mental disorders and because we are not as careful with our language as we could.” The responsibility to change society does not lie with those affected. “It is the job of the rest of us to make space for it.”

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