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Amanda Seyfried: “I’ve never dared very much”

Amanda Seyfried
“I’ve never dared very much”

The new mom Amanda Seyfried can be admired in “Last but not least” in the cinema. In the interview, she also spoke about her role as a mother.

The young journalist Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried, 31) is supposed to write an obituary for the once very successful businesswoman Harriet Lauler (Shirley MacLaine, 82) while she was still alive. But nobody has a good word for the headstrong lady. The film “Last but not least” deals with the subject of how posterity should remember us when one day we are no longer there. And what risks we should take before it’s too late.

Amanda Seyfried takes hardly any risks

Lead actress Amanda Seyfried (“The Shine of Silence”) tells in an interview with the news agency spot on news that she was “never really a person who took great risks”. On the contrary: “I was never someone who dared to do something. I was always afraid that I could do something wrong.”

However, an appearance in a two-person play on Broadway changed the new mom’s attitude: “Today I no longer see new attempts as risks, today I see them as challenges that I would like to face.” The theater and performing in front of a live audience changed her life forever. She also met her husband Thomas Sadoski (40, “The Big Trip – Wild”) on Broadway.

Seyfried hopes that she will be able to pass on all of the experiences she has been able to gather over the past few years to her child. But it is most important to her to “always want to tell the truth”. Because, the actress continues, “this is the only way you can always remain true to yourself”. “Last but not least” will be in German cinemas from April 13th.


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