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All-rounder: Sofia Vergara cuts her niece’s hair

Sofia Vergara (47) takes scissors out of sheer boredom! The Colombian-American actress usually takes her followers to film, television or fashion events. But due to the current situation, the Hollywood stars should only move as best they can within their own four walls. In order to pass the free time away from the film sets, the 47-year-old shows a talent that at first glance you would not have expected her to be: Sofia becomes a quarantine hairdresser without further ado!

Sofia converts her spacious kitchen into a hairdressing salon, as she does to her almost 19 million followers Instagram shows. Your niece Claudia Vergara (27), who currently spends a lot of time with her aunt, becomes the first customer: The Modern Family star bravely grabs scissors and lets the split ends of his 27-year-old relatives disappear in no time. The result divides Sofia only a little later on the net. That can really be seen – at least thinks the Hollywood star himself: “Wow, perfect hair,” she comments on a photo of Claudia in the kitchen.

Sofia and Claudia are very close, there Claudias Father died when she was just five years old. Rafael Vergara was Sofias Brothers. For a while, the 27-year-old even lived with the Hollywood beauty. And even now, in the current difficult times, the two stick together. What do you say? Sofias Trying to be a hairdresser? Vote.

Sofia Vergara with son Manolo and niece Claudia in Los Angeles in February 2018
Claudia Vergara in the kitchen
Claudia, Sofia Vergara’s niece



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