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Willy’s Wonderland – Now Available: Nicolas Cage Fights Killer Animatronics!

Nicolas Cage doesn’t really have much to say about most of his films today. As a rule, it is enough if he looks morosely into the camera for a few moments, throws a few phrases and then goes to the available weapon (current example: the crude sci-fi combat spectacle Jiu Jitsu) takes effect. In this respect, however, his latest creation clearly fails. The seasoned action star, who is now more at home in the B-movie sector, doesn’t say a word in his new film Willy’s Wonderland from Kevin Lewis on the lips!

In contrast, colleagues such as Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis seem notoriously taciturn or Arnold Schwarzenegger is downright talkative, because they usually still have fast onliners in stock, which they fire at the audience at every opportunity.

90 minutes of pure madness

That the film is still supported by him and that it has a certain entertainment value (Willy’s Wonderland is only too aware of his origins and potential viewers), speaks of course for his still existing qualities as a leading actor.

Cage fans should feel right at home on May 28, 2021, when the film opens in four different editions (Mediabook, Special Editions + regular DVD and Blu-ray Disc editions) in German stores. If you can do without something tangible and prefer to watch films digitally in your home theater, you can even get a chance now from relevant VOD providers!

Because Willy’s Wonderland delivers exactly what the German trailer promises: a wild series of sequences in which Cage is allowed to process murderous animatronics into kindling according to all the rules of the art. As a caretaker, he isn’t paid to speak, but to clean up! The narrative framework is accordingly quickly defined:

Cage declares war on the animatronics! © Splendid Film

That’s what Willy’s Wonderland is all about

When Cage’s nameless hero breaks down without a penny in his pocket after a car breakdown, the offer to help out for the night at the local Willy’s Wonderland (a nightmarish variant of Chuck E. Cheese) comes at just the right time. Easy money, thinks the new caretaker. If it weren’t for the ominous-looking animatronics, you could endure the somewhat shabby shop for longer.

What was withheld from him when he started his job: At nightfall, the crazy attractions come to life and murderously move through the hallways and rooms. But then they did the math without Nicolas Cage, who, supported by Emily Tosta (Last Ship, Party of Five), Beth Grant (No Country For Old Men), Ric Reitz (resident) and Chris Warner (machete), take up arms immediately!

That sounds like a lot of fun – and to a certain extent it lasts Willy’s Wonderland apparently that promise too. The criticism service RottenTomatoes judges after quite a respectable 62% of 81 reviews: “Willy’s Wonderland It’s not quite as entertaining as its premise suggests, but it has Nicolas Cage, the bloodthirsty animatronics, who scares us. And that’s something. “

© Splendid Film

Written on 05/21/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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