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Will there be a sequel?

The 2000 survival drama starring Tom Hanks remains a huge hit to this day. Is there still a chance at “Cast Away 2” after such a long time?

+++ Warning: Spoiler warning for “Cast Away”! +++

“Cast Away” (German title: “Verschollen”) didn’t need a large cast to inspire: In the main roles you only see Tom Hanks and his best friend Wilson. Wilson is a volleyball that keeps FedEx employee Chuck Nolan company on a desert island. There he ends up as the only survivor after a plane crash. With packages washed ashore, Chuck settles in and hopes to be saved. Almost four years later he realizes that he will only die alone there, so he sets off with a self-made raft – and to his dream wife Kelly (Helen Hunt). Although the film deals with a serious subject, the initial awkwardness of Chuck, who of course has no idea how to survive in the wild, creates funny situations. Is there any hope of a second part with or without Tom Hanks in “Cast Away 2”?

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“Cast Away 2”: No prospect of salvation

The rumor mill remains silent when it comes to a possible sequel. Some films just stand on their own and don’t need a forced story. Because what would “Cast Away 2” look like? Chuck is saved, he lives his life in the urban jungle and even delivers his last remnants of packages. The only question that remains open is: will he find happiness? So far, that was left to the imagination of the audience – and it will probably stay that way.

“Cast Away 2”: Survival alternatives

Even if “Cast Away” – currently included in the Amazon Prime Flatrate – is of course a very special pearl in the cinematic landscape, there are some survival films that you should not miss.

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