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What exactly is OnlyFans?

One hears more and more often that public figures are active on OnlyFans. What exactly is it?

How does OnlyFans work?

First and foremost, OnlyFans is a paid content web service. Its structure is similar to a social network – with the difference that it is about money. The creators sell their content here for a monthly fee.

For example, as a consumer, if you want to see the latest OnlyFans posts from Bella Thorne, it costs $ 20 per month. The creators receive 80 percent of the income, and fans can also make donations.

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Who is on OnlyFans?

The majority of the 450,000 creators on OnlyFans produce pornographic content, as it is comparatively easy for the performers on the platform to monetize their content. Pornographic content is not prohibited on OnlyFans. The structure of the site also makes it easy to interact with fans directly.

However, there are also more and more users who use OnlyFans for other content, such as personal trainers or public figures. Cardi B does not offer any pornographic content either, but offers its fans a look behind the scenes.

The most prominent OnlyFans users are:

  • Cardi B (@iamcardib) – rapper
  • Bella Thorne (@bellathorne) – actress, singer, model
  • Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) – Entrepreneur
  • Dorinda Medley (@dorindamedley) – Actress from “Real Housewives of New York”
  • Sonja Morgan (@sonjamorgan – actress from “Real Housewives of New York”
  • Tana Mongeau (@tanamongeau) – influencer

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What has OnlyFans achieved?

Since the internal restructuring in 2018, OnlyFans has explicitly aimed to offer sex workers a platform. A number of procedures have also been put in place to establish the identity of creators – in order to protect the creators of content and private individuals.

OnlyFans made it possible for sex workers to interact directly with consumers for the first time, without the interposition of production networks or dubious websites. OnlyFans offers them the platform, the rest only takes place between the consumer and the artist.

Especially in times of the corona pandemic, the number of OnlyFans users increased many times over. The site also saw a surge in numbers with the mention of Beyoncé in their remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s TikTok hit “Savage”. According to the latest figures, OnlyFans has 24 million users, 450,000 of whom are creators.

How do you cancel an OnlyFans subscription?

Since OnlyFans works via a monthly subscription system, you have to think about canceling your subscriptions in advance if you do not want to continue paying for them. Each subscribed profile has an “Auto-Renew” switch on the page, if this is “OFF”, the subscription is no longer renewed and there are no costs. Paying by credit card works in a similar way to other subscription services (Netflix, Disney +).

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