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Tom Cruise in portrait: Privately controversial, as a cinema star one of the greatest

1999: Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick)

2002: Minority Report (Steven Spielberg)

2004: Collateral (Michael Mann)

2005: War of the Worlds (Steven Spielberg)

2008: Operation Walküre – The Stauffenberg Assassination (Bryan Singer)

2012: Jack Reacher (Christopher McQuarrie)

2013: Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski)

2017: The Mummy (Alex Kurtzman)

2017: Barry Seal: Only in America (Doug Liman)

2018: Mission: Impossible – Fallout (Christopher McQuarrie)

Private life with girlfriends, spouses and children

As for women, Mr. Cruise doesn’t seem so lucky: In 1987, at the age of 25, the actor married actress Mimi Rogers. The young couple divorced only three years later.

Then he met his future wife Nicole Kidman. The couple adopt two children and play together in “Days of Thunder”, “In a Faraway Land” and “Eyes Wide Shut”. After the divorce from the Australian actress, Cruise has a relationship with the Spaniard Penélope Cruz. In 2006 he married Katie Holmes – the couple had daughter Suri and divorced in 2012.

Scientology – a dark chapter

Tom Cruise is a Scientology supporter and was therefore repeatedly criticized in the past, especially in Germany. In recent years, however, there has been less headline news about Tom’s membership in founder L. Ron Hubbard’s sect.

The superstar last hit the headlines in early 2008 because the controversial British bestselling author Andrew Morton featured him in his book “Tom Cruise. The Star and the Scientology Conspiracy ”as one of the leaders of the sect.

Katie Holmes and Cruise were married for six years – Scientology is said to have been one of the reasons for the couple’s separation. Holmes allegedly tried to protect her daughter from the influence of the international organization. The star’s adopted children, Isabella and Connor, are also said to be members of the movement, according to various media reports.

Awards and nominations

Tom Cruise’s film awards were a long time ago. He received Oscar nominations for “Best Actor” for “Born July 4th and” Jerry Maguire – Game of Life “in 1990 and 1997. In 2000 he was nominated for” Best Supporting Actor “in” Magnolia “. He’s also received multiple Golden Globe nominations and three wins, Best Actor for Born July 4th and Jerry Maguire, and Best Supporting Actor for Magnolia.

Cruise has also received nominations and awards from BAFTA, the Screen Actors Guild, the Chicago Film Critics Association, and the National Board of Review. However, the actor was repeatedly nominated for the “Golden Raspberry” as the “worst main actor” – he won the “Anti-Oscar” for “Interview with a Vampire” and “The Mummy”.

Social media: Tom Cruise keeps a low profile

Cruise isn’t very active on social media – the actor has kept his private life pretty covered for decades. The star has been on Instagram after all, but only since 2018. He has four million followers and is more reluctant to post – just 43 posts were published on the account.

The posts often show Cruise doing his hair-raising stunts, most of which he is known to do himself. There are also pictures of film premieres and recordings with his fans. The last entries focus on “Top Gun – Maverick”. Probably only Tom’s marketing team posts on this Insta account – personal photos of the Hollywood star cannot be found.

Beauty & Looks: Tom’s smile is legendary

Tom Cruise’s smile is legendary – and it is amazing how little the 57-year-old has changed to this day, even if the “botox alarm” was occasionally triggered. The actor keeps fit and has only changed his look occasionally since the 1990s. Regardless of whether it is a trendy short hairstyle or a longer hairstyle, Cruise always embodies its own authentic style. Beards don’t seem to be his thing, Tom is mostly clean-shaven.

Getty Images

The actor maintains a timeless masculine look, whether jeans combined with a shirt and leather jacket, or with a suit and tie, Tom Cruise always looks good.

German voice actor for Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise did not have a permanent voice actor at the beginning of his career. From the mid-1980s to 1996 he was spoken by Stephan Schwartz, and Patrick Winczewski has been the voice of the world-famous actor since “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999).

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