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The Bad Boy himself – Will Smith skin now available in Fortnite

He is not the first and he will by no means be the last: Will Smith is now available as a skin in Fortnite in his role as Mike Lowrey from “Bad Boys”. Even before him, numerous fictional characters and living personalities made it into the Battle Royale. Superman has only recently made the world of Fortnite unsafe and NBA star James LeBron also throws baskets in the third-person shooter.

You pave the way to the skin with V-Bucks

In contrast to the recent campaign about the superhero who is allergic to kryptonite, Will Smith does not have any special missions to unlock his skin or the appropriate accessories. Instead, you have to put a portion of V-Bucks, the currency of the game, on the table for bad boy Mike Lowrey in his simple but stylish outfit.

If you want to throw yourself into the fray with the detective from Southbeach, 1500 V-Bucks are due for the skin, which comes with a detective bag on its back in tow. For another 500 V-Bucks you get his dual pickaxes “hot spur knife”. If you don’t want to do without one or the other, you can get the “hot spur set” right away, because it includes both skin and dual pickaxes.

That Will Smith becomes the other characters in Fortnite (buy now 37.81 €) was released some time ago, but many would have expected a “Man in Black” skin rather than Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys. Regardless of that, Will Smith is hit very well, the skin does the actor credit.

With the colorful range of characters, guessing the next new character in Fortnite is about as realistic as winning the lottery. Until Epic reveals which stars they still have in the pipeline from radio and television, Fortnite players can accuse each other of treason in the new imposter mode and try to expose the other players as impostors.

Source: Epic Games

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