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Tatort star Maria Furtwängler: “Doubts are part of it”

Tatort star Maria Furtwängler (54) is not only successful on the TV screen, she can also be seen again on the big screen from September 2, 2021. In the film “Confessions of the impostor Felix Krull”, based on the novel by Thomas Mann, she mimes the wealthy Madame Houpflé, who keeps having fun with the much younger Felix Krull. In an interview with “”, the actress revealed why she wore a pubic hair toupee when shooting and why she would like to be stuck in a man’s body.

Maria Furtwängler: “Doubts are part of it”

As successful as Maria Furtwängler is as an actress, she is not free from doubts, as she admits. But that’s okay with her: “The doubts are part of it. I once read that Meryl Streep (72), the ultimate acting goddess, howls at her husband before every shoot because she thinks she doesn’t can. This uncertainty and the doubts always drive actors and actresses, even the most important ones. ”

Many know the 54-year-old from her role as a crime scene inspector. In the video above you can see a very special group photo of the legendary investigators.

Crime scene commissioner: Pubic hair toupee caused a laugh

In “Confessions of the impostor Felix Krull” there are some love scenes between Maria Furtwängler and Jannis Niewöhner (29), who portrays Felix Krull – and who is described by the actress as a “magical colleague”.

Such scenes can be very challenging, but there is always something to laugh about: “I am wearing an elegant dressing gown that looks like I am not wearing anything underneath, so my Madame Houpflé provokes him To feel and move safely and freely, my makeup artist fixed a pubic hair toupee on skin-colored underpants.

Maria Furtwängler: “I would like to live in a man’s body”

In addition, there are so-called intimacy coaches who discuss with the actors in advance exactly which touches are okay in such scenes: “That’s wonderful because you feel safe in front of the camera,” says the 54-year-old.

In her current movie, the actress embodies a very female figure. But she would also be tempted to try something completely different, namely “to play a man for once. I think that would totally suit me,” says Furtwängler: “That’s why I would very much like to live in a man’s body. I just want to know how it feels. ”

As a man, she would no longer have the problem of having to struggle with high heels as she used to do. But she has already said goodbye to them anyway: “I no longer torment myself in bad high heels.”

Maria Furtwängler is a popular crime scene inspector. In the video below you can see five interesting records from the popular crime series.



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