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Ryan Gosling in “Drive” is the TV highlight –

In Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Walhalla rising” from 2009, Mads Mikkelsen tears the guts out of a man. Compared to this, the Dane’s 2011 US debut is moderate. Here the hero “only” kicks someone in the face. A stuntman (Ryan Gosling) works as a getaway driver for criminals at night. It is laid out as an exaggerated being, but turns out to be a hollow shell without a story. When he falls in love with his neighbor (Carey Mulligan) and helps her husband with a robbery that goes wrong, he has to protect the innocent – and punish the culprits. The 80s pop that lays leaden over the scenes, the high-contrast images in prototypical American locations such as stairwells, apartments and fast-food restaurants, in which Refn’s camera often throws up a scene longer than necessary, the endless pauses between the dialogue sentences that artificially reduced Tempo: All of this is supposed to hide the fact that Refn has nothing to say, except that Ryan Gosling can act very slowly. “Drive” is stylish and insubstantial. And still an interesting treatise on the violent, destructive power of love.

“Drive” runs at 9:55 pm on Arte and can be accessed in the Arte media library until November 30th.



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