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“Pulp Fiction” with Eddie Murphy and Johnny Depp? This is Quentin Tarantino’s dream cast

Johnny Depp as Pumpkin, Marisa Tomei as Mia or even Eddie Murphy as Jules – Quentin Tarantino had all sorts of casting requests when casting his 1994 gangster film “Pulp Fiction”. A list shows all the actors the director would have liked to cast for “Pulp Fiction”. It was shared by the writer Don Winslow.

Michael Madsen instead of John Travolta

While some of the actors who eventually made it into the movie also make it to the list (such as Tim Roth as Pumpkin or Amanda Plummer as Honey Bunny), some of the main characters may have been intended for other mimes.

Although John Travolta made a memorable comeback with “Pulp Fiction” in his role as Vincent, Tarantino originally relied on his “Reservoir Dogs” star Michael Madsen. Travolta was only the “very, very strong second choice”.

Michael Madsen and John Travolta 2018 in Cannes.

Johnny Depp in “Pulp Fiction”?

But Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Johnny Depp would also have come into question, if one believes the table washed into the net. The drug dealer Lance, embodied by Eric Stoltz, could have been played by John Cusack. Even Samuel L. Jackson would have been a suitable choice for the character for Tarantino, and he thought of Eddie Murphy when it came to casting someone for Jules.

If the list is to be believed, the role of Lance was originally written for John Cusack.

Tarantino saves cult cinema from decay

Also on June 1, it was announced that Tarantino will reopen the New Beverly Cinema. The 300-seat movie theater opened on Beverly Boulevard in 1929 and has been owned by Tarantino since 2007.

The director saved the cinema from deterioration. It is known for showing feature films on both 35mm and 16mm prints after Tarantino also became chief curator for the cinema in 2014.

New Beverly Cinema

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