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Pictures from the first book by Billie Eilish – SWR2

The book title should express that it could not be otherwise than that democracy as a form of government in the sense of the survival of the people won. And against the forces that opposed it, one must absolutely resist, emphasizes Frido Mann, theologian, psychologist, grandson of Thomas Mann and author of the book “Democracy will win”.
We Germans owe our democracy to America. And it is interesting that precisely at the time when democracy was gaining strength in Western Europe, conversely, in America, especially since the Vietnam War, the democratic system had declined. “Also a misunderstanding of what was actually meant in the constitution, namely a balance between freedom and responsibility for the community, more in favor of a freedom that everyone could do what they wanted,” said Mann. That was the case in the 2016 presidential election seen, but fortunately it turned out differently in the last presidential election.
Education of the heart is crucial for strengthening democracy. It is about factual knowledge from history, how people would have behaved, but also a human knowledge that we all need. “Because we are all democracy. Democracy is not given to us, it is not a service system, ”said Mann.
Frido Mann’s book “Democracy will win: Confessions of a Global Citizen” appears this week. A book about the experiences that Frido Mann gained in connection with a lecture tour through the USA. A journey that Mann embarked on after the federal government acquired Thomas Mann’s famous exile house in California’s Pacific Palisades in 2018 to turn it into a meeting place. In October, Frido Mann’s Thomas Mann wing is to be inaugurated in the presence of Igor Levit.

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