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Photo with Marvel boss: Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine comeback?

Is the impossible possible after all: Will Hugh Jackman (52) return as Wolverine? The actor played the superhero with Adamantium claws from 2000 to 2017. He slipped into the role of the cartoon character for the last time in “Logan” and then actually said goodbye to the Marvel film universe forever. Now, however, the Hollywood star sparked fans’ hopes for a comeback when he posted two ambiguous photos on the Internet.

The special thing about the snapshots: number one shows Hugh Arm in arm at a meeting with Marvel-Boss Kevin Feige (48). The second photo is a poster of his character’s clutches. Is the Australian trying to imply that he will soon be back as a Wolverine will be seen? At least his followers understand that and storm the comment column of his last one full of enthusiasm and anticipation Instagram-Post. “Yes! We want a new film”, one user made clear, while others warned the screen hero that he should not give them false hopes, please: “Don’t play with our feelings and let that be true!”

If Hugh now actually wanted to say with the pictures that he Wolverine will be portrayed in another film – the actor has not yet commented on this. In 2015, however, he emphasized in a TV interview in the The Dr. Oz Show: “Logan” will definitely be his last time Marvel-Be a superhero. Hugh might have changed his mind by now …

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Rex Features / Rex Features

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman at a press conference in Auckland in February 2019
Hugh Jackman at the “The Front Runner” premiere in Toronto in September 2018

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