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New picture reveals life-threatening journey with Chris Pratt ·

The shooting of “Jurassic World 3” has already ended. Now a new picture has emerged that could give us clues as to the plot.


It will take a little more than a year until “Jurassic World 3: Dominion“Appears in the cinema, but at least the production of the film has been completed. Due to the corona virus, the project was not that easy and the dinosaur filming had to endure some delays and postponements, which is why it was not continued until on June 9, 2022 will start in the movie theaters. Fans of the series have to be patient, but at least a new picture has appeared that could not only give us clues about the plot, but also seems to be a funny Easter egg.

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The picture shows Chris Pratt and Omar Sy receiving instructions from director Colin Trevorrow. Meanwhile, the two “Jurassic World” stars are on a boat that is labeled “Fair Spanish Lady”. You can see the picture here at Empire. This title should sound familiar to some “Jaws” fans, because “Fair Spanish Lady” is a song that shark catcher Quint sang in the first part of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster.

But what about the picture and the Easter Egg? Perhaps Chris Pratt and Omar Sy could go on a trip across the water and encounter the dangerous Mosasaurus. After all, after the end of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, we know that the giant dinosaur reptile expanded its hunting ground on a beach. This also explains the allusion to “The great white shark”.

You can find out more information about “Jurassic World 3: Dominion” in this one Video:

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Director Colin Trevorrow on the corona situation on the set

In addition to the newly published picture, director Trevorrow spoke about the entire corona situation and how little time the entire team had available. In addition, there was always concern that team members or actors could become infected due to the increase in corona cases. Certain scenes would be partially unfinished and new recordings would not have been timed, as the director himself confirms:

“The scariest moment was when we only had a few weeks left and cases were going up exponentially. Because we had the crew we had and the actors were always on set, we were able to speed up what we were doing. But we definitely feared that we might have a film that was nine tenths finished and would stay that way. “

Fortunately, the crew finally managed to finish on time. Filmstudio Universal had to invest a lot of money for all of the filming under the pandemic-related measures. Hopefully next year we will find out whether the risk and effort paid off in the end, because then the dinosaur cracker should be seen on the big screen.

Now it’s your turn. You can test how well you know your way around the movie dinosaurs here:

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