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Kate Winslet on her favorite beauty products and aging in Hollywood

From “Titanic” to “Sense and Sensibility” to the brilliant “Mare of Easttown” – Kate Winslet is one of the most respected actresses of our time. As the new global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, she speaks to Vogue about freezing showers, hair dye at home and what she really thinks about aging in Hollywood.

Kate Winslet in an interview: This is how she starts the day

“I always think that by now I should be a person who has morning rituals, but when you have a family you often just have to accept the day as it comes. I’m very good at getting up – I don’t have a hard time jumping out of bed and on a school day I usually get up at 6:30 a.m. I always have to start the day with a cup of tea – I feel like I can’t go on until I’ve had that cup of tea, so I’ll do that. I also immediately go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. So to be honest, it’s nothing fancy. Like most of us, I don’t have the time to do all of the things we’d all love to do in the morning. “

This is what your ideal skin care routine looks like

“In the mornings I always wash my face with very cold water and leave the tap running until it is as cold as possible – I take my time with that. Then I use a moisturizer and sunscreen every day because I have quite sensitive skin and can’t stand a lot of sun. As I get older, I find myself getting tiny little sunspots, which I don’t particularly like, so I’m very disciplined when it comes to sun protection. If I’ve done my makeup all day long (which I don’t do in normal life), I take 10 minutes in the evening to wash it off thoroughly. I usually use a warm washcloth for this. And then I use a fantastic new night serum that, as an L’Oréal ambassador, I get to try out early on, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet because it’s not on the market yet. “

Kate Winslet on skin care accessible to everyone

“What I love about L’Oréal is that their products are really affordable and accessible. They’re not discriminatory in the way they target and reach the mass market – they prevent skin care from being something elitist, which is good. Everyone should be able to afford to take care of their skin, even if it’s just one great product. “

About getting older in Hollywood

“I do not have any secrets. But I want to tell any woman who tries to mimic a Hollywood look: it’s a myth. The women on the red carpet sat in a makeup chair for four hours to look like this and probably had a facial every day for the week leading up to the event. ”

“For me, the secret to getting older, at any age, Hollywood or not, is accepting who you are and accepting that we cannot fight change. Sure, we can do things to help our health and skin feel a little better. But for me it’s about beauty coming from within and not being so self-critical – that’s a big deal. “



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