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Is she drinking too much? Alcohol drama about Jennifer Lawrence

The fact that the 29-year-old actress likes to have a glass or two of wine is well known and totally okay. Now the whole thing is supposed to have degenerated: Actress Jennifer Lawrence apparently now drinks a whole bottle of wine – every day. It is understandable that her husband in particular should be very worried about her and is annoyed by his wife’s drinking behavior. This is reported by the “OK! Magazin”, among others. The details of the possible alcohol drama can be found here!

Jennifer Lawrence’s drinking habits are said to have an impact on her marriage

Because Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to drink so much, there was apparently already one or the other crisis with husband Cooke Maroney. When it comes to their attitude to partying, the two are very different: she loves to party and, despite the bar ban, doesn’t want to go without her beloved drinks, but he prefers to take it easy. Now the “Hunger Games” actress is supposed to be rolled into one Live chat with friend Amy Schumer apparently admitted that she would empty a bottle of wine every evening: “I try to wait until 6 pm. So at 5 pm I have a beer as an aperitif.” It is clear that this attitude is a bit strange and can certainly cause concern.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s husband hates it when she drinks too much

Cooke Maroney, who by profession Art dealer is, can therefore simply not understand why his wife behaves like this. In addition, Jennifer Lawrence is said to be quite exhausting under the influence of alcohol. She seems to downright forget herself when she has been drinking and becomes vulgar and bitchy, as the “OK! Magazin” reports. The character change should even go so far that the actress is a drunken self alter ego created: she calls herself “Gail”, when she’s drunk. Jennifer dearest Cooke Maroney can’t stand it when his wife mutates into “Gail”. Understandable! Allegedly he should have already given his wife his opinion and concerns have expressed about their alcohol consumption, the “OK! Magazin” continues. Let’s see how long it will work and when Jennifer Lawrence realizes that she might have a problem.

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