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Interstellar: First draft – Spielberg dreamed of aliens and a Chinese space station

Interstellar“set new standards in science fiction films in 2014. Director Christopher Nolan took the viewer on a journey through space and time, which was ultimately honored with an Oscar. The film grossed over 700 million US dollars worldwide and It could have turned out quite differently, because at an early stage of the production it was planned that old master Steven Spielberg would shoot the film, and the script would have taken completely new and different twists.

Jonathan Nolan wrote the script with Nobel Prize winner Kip Thorne. Before the direction went to his brother Christopher, Steven Spielberg was involved, who would have made significant changes. Slashfilm writes that the early version of the script landed on the internet and highlights some of the most extensive changes.

“Interstellar” by Spielberg – The Chinese were first in space

"Interstellar" should be completely different at first.
“Interstellar” was supposed to be completely different at first.

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1. The Lazarus Mission never took place. Cooper’s trip through the wormhole would have been the first of its kind. That would mean that Matt Damon’s character would never have been stranded on a strange ice planet with no hope of salvation.

2. Cooper’s trip should only go to the ice planet and not in addition to the water planet near the black hole.

3. On the ice planet, Cooper and Co. find a metal door in the floor. On it you will find the Chinese flag. In the bunker they discover old NASA probes that never made it back to Earth. Now they also know why. They also find the graves of the entire crew. Roth finds out the cause of death: the planet orbits not only a black hole, but also a neutron star. The black hole protects the planet from radiation from the neutron star for 20 hours a day; the rest of the day it is downright grilled – including the crew. Cooper and Co. have only five minutes to the neutron star rise and dig further into the ground in the bunker, as the radiation reaches them there too. Eventually they break through a surface and land inside the planet, where small organisms have produced vast amounts of oxygen. They also discover another luminous form of life from which Brand takes a sample.

4. Eventually the ice planet should be destroyed as another smaller black hole crosses the system and its gravitational pull hurls the planet towards the large black hole.

5. After a maneuver near the black hole, Cooper and Brand are back on board the Endurance and watch their video messages (just like in the real “Interstellar”). However, it becomes clear here that mankind is extinct and 300 years have passed. Knowing they are the last human beings in existence, Cooper and Brand have sex in weightlessness.

6. Before they plunge into the black hole themselves, Cooper and Brand discover a second wormhole. You travel through it, which takes several days this time, and find yourself in a kind of fifth dimension. The entire universe lies in front of you as a disk and you look at it yourself and are on a space station. TARS also made it here and declared that the Chinese wanted to protect this space station. They even cataloged all wormholes, but were looking for a very special one …

7. The time travel wormhole. Whoever travels through it will find the earth when humanity was still alive. In fact, it was found and Cooper and Doyle want to travel through it, while Brand is skeptical and stays in space to find a habitable planet.

8. Doyle dies on the journey, but Cooper lands on earth about 200 years after he set off and sees that a new ice age has spread. In an ice storm, he accidentally drops the sample with the ice planet life form and remains exhausted. His death sentence.

9. Or not: Cooper wakes up in a hospital bed. Humanity is now in a massive space station. He is asked why he released the alien life form, because it has now spread on earth. The blue planet is now a single glowing ice ball. He is denied a trip to earth for research purposes and given a farm. Finally he steals a spaceship and goes looking for Brand.

The ending is roughly reminiscent of the end of the Nolan film. But the way there was a completely different one. Spielberg’s version would have been distinctly Hollywood-esque, while Nolan’s focus was on science.

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