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Has Chris Brown been violent again?>entertainment>

June 22, 2021 – 10:28 pm clock

In 2009, Chris Brown beat up girlfriend Rihanna

It was a photo that went around the world – Rihanna’s face, all over with bloody bruises. No less a person than her then partner Chris Brown is said to have beaten her so badly in the spring of 2009. The rapper was punished a little later for his offense and described the beating attack as a “mistake of my life”. But apparently this mistake could now have been repeated. Again Chris Brown is accused of violence against a woman.

Unknown woman called the police

A law enforcement insider told TMZ that an unidentified lady reportedly called the police to Chris Brown’s home in the San Fernando Valley, California over the weekend.

The alleged victim is said to have indicated to the arriving officials that he was attacked by the hip-hop star. According to this, Chris Brown hit her on the head so hard that the elastic loosened her head. Otherwise, the woman should not have shown any injuries. According to the unknown source, Brown was noted as a possible perpetrator, but was not arrested. As long as the act cannot be proven, the presumption of innocence applies. (cch)

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