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Denzel Washington defies the crisis with The Little Things

Warner Bros.’s unique strategy of offering new films during the corona pandemic both in theaters – at least where they are open – and at the same time on HBO Max for streaming, seems to continue to prove successful despite all the criticism. After only recently it became clear that the streaming service wasWonder Woman 1984“Was able to almost double its clientele, shine in the case of the new thriller”The Little Things“Now also the box office numbers.

The film with the three Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto grossed almost 4.8 million dollars on its first weekend in the USA. In Corona times, that’s enough for number one on the cinema charts. For comparison: “Wonder Woman 1984“Was able to secure almost 17 million on the home market shortly before Christmas. The DC superhero is certainly the bigger brand. In addition, “The Little Things“Has an R rating (approved for ages 17+). Thus it is also the most successful “Adult movie“Since March 2020.

The Little Things“, Which is roughly half the normal capacity. In addition, the halls may of course not be sold out as long as the distance rules apply. Internationally, by the way, another 2.8 million dollars from 18 countries came together, so that the global intermediate result now stands at 7.6 million. In Germany, too, it was supposed to be released last week, but the cinemas are still closed.

The production costs of “The Little Things“Are about $ 30 million. “Wonder Woman 1984“It cost at least 200 million, which is why the thriller does even better than the blockbuster in relation to its gross profit. With a view to the near future of the film, it could be problematic that the reviews are quite divided. It remains to be seen whether the strip will show perseverance over the coming weeks …

The animation film “Croods 2“, Which with its new $ 1.8 million in its tenth week was even able to achieve an increase of 2.5 percent. Second place in the US charts is also an announcement after more than two months of playing! So far, $ 144.4 million has been raised worldwide, one of the few success stories in the Corona cinema year 2020 – and which will apparently continue in 2021.

Third place went to the much-cited film “Wonder Woman 1984“With $ 1.3 million. So far, a total of $ 39.2 million has gone into the US box office. The global total is now 152 million. That cut well below the production budget – especially since advertising costs also have to be added – but thanks to the success via HBO Max, the film doesn’t have to be a flop. If the almost 8 million new subscribers in the last quarter really give priority to the “Wonder Woman“Premiere, with a membership fee of $ 15 (per month), Warner’s $ 120 million went straight to the box.

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