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Britney Spears reportedly hit housekeeper – people

She just doesn’t calm down.

A good two weeks ago, the police were called to the property of singer Britney Spears (39). The reason: She is said to have beaten her housekeeper. After the employee had brought the singer’s two sick dogs to the vet, but not brought them back, Britney suspected that the housekeeper could be in cahoots with her father.

When the employee pulled out her cell phone to show Britney photos of the dogs, the pop star is said to have gone nuts and hit her.

All nonsense, claims Britney. All she wanted to do was take the cellphone out of the housekeeper’s hand. However, her long-time housekeeper accused her of bodily harm. Now the case is according to the “People“Magazine even at the prosecutor’s office!

Britney with her dog Daisy

Britney with her dog DaisyPhoto: britneyspears / Instagram

A chief of the Ventura County district attorney confirmed this “People”-Magazine that is currently investigating whether there might be a criminal complaint against Britney Spears.

Everything blown up? A source told People: “The case is made up. She didn’t hit anyone ”- confirming Britney’s statement. “The housekeeper was holding her phone and Britney tried to knock it out of her hands,” the source said.

Britney is said to have neglected her dogs.  Here you can see her dog Princess Sara Beth.  When the housekeeper found out, she took them to the vet

Britney’s dogs are said to be neglected. Her dog Princess Sara Beth can be seen herePhoto: britneyspears / Instagram

Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart doesn’t think much of the allegations either. He told Fox News on Friday: “The sheriff’s department has already acknowledged that the matter was an ‘extremely minor’ or ‘very minor’ offense, with no injuries’.”

Mathew Rosengart also represents Britney Spears in her guardianship case against her father

Mathew Rosengart is representing Britney Spears in her guardianship case against her fatherPhoto: MARIO ANZUONI / REUTERS

According to “People”, the examination by the public prosecutor’s office in cases involving bodily harm is “routine”.

The fact that there may now be an indictment is only due to the fact that this is a star.

“This is nothing more than sensational tabloid fodder – an alleged ‘he said she said’ offense on a cell phone. Nothing special and obviously no physical injury, ”said Rosengart. “Anyone can make accusations. The case should have been closed immediately. ”

Britney herself has not yet commented publicly on the case.

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