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Bad rumor about Hollywood star Matt Damon

US actor Matt Damon and the Argentine Luciana Barros have had a scandal-free marriage for years. The actor met his wife, who at that time was already the mother of a daughter, while filming the film “Inseparable”. Not on the film set, for example, but in a bar where Barros worked as a waitress. The couple married in 2005 and had three daughters. The two keep their relationship largely private – but that doesn’t prevent gossip magazines from spreading bad rumors about Damon and his wife.

Matt Damon: Rumors of increased alcohol consumption

Again and again the tabloid press speculates about an alleged marital crisis in the couple. Like last year, when the Gazette Globe claimed Damon drank up to ten beers a day during the corona-related lockdown. Friends and family were concerned, the seedy newspaper quoted an alleged insider. Damon’s circle feared that Damon, like his friend Ben Affleck, might add to alcohol, it was said at the time.

The Hollywood star has just hit the headlines once again. Damon was spotted in a pub in Brisbane in Australia, where he has been staying for months. Lukewarmt The Courier Mail The 50-year-old is said to have had a beer at 10 a.m. before appearing at a charity dinner.

The reason for the wild rumors about a possible impending alcohol problem was probably a photo in which Damon was spotted on a beach trip with his family in Ireland with a plastic sack that was speculated in the media that it was full of beer cans.

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