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Analysis of T. rex jawbones reveals its feeding habits

In the end, was the Tyrannosaurus Rex even a gourmet? One in the trade journal Historical Biology published Japanese study reveals the complex and at the time rare nervous system of his jaw. So is Steven Spielberg completely wrong with the T-Rex as a killing machine?

The jaw as a touch sensor?

From a scientific point of view, the jawbone of the T-Rex is provided with a complex canal system that is said to have received a very dense network of nerves. Similar to crocodiles or certain birds, this nerve network has a number of sensors.

The T-Rex was thus able to recognize its food by simply touching it with its teeth. According to the research results, the lower jaw has taken on the important role of a tactile sensor, which perhaps also applies to the upper jaw.

Nervous system of the T-rex jaw Soichiro Kawabe & Soki Hattori

Better soft tissues than bones

at Jurassic Park you must have been afraid of the giant teeth of the T-Rex. If its jaw is particularly large, it has not bitten all or all of its prey’s body with its teeth.

Thanks to the nerve network that has now been discovered, the T-Rex immediately recognized what had come before its teeth. There was no way he would have bitten into a car (if there had been such a thing back then). Rather, the T-Rex was able to distinguish between bones and soft tissues immediately and then prefer to feast on the nutritious bites.



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