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Amal & George Clooney: Dream burst

George Clooney, 59, and his wife Amal wanted to buy a chic property in France. But now there is trouble for the house.

George & Amal Clooney: Properties Around the World

George Clooney is said to have been thinking about buying a house in France for some time. The actor, who spent a lot of time on his Los Angeles estate last year, already owns opulent houses in London and Italy. But at least with his home in the British capital he has had little luck to date: the Thames has overflowed its banks several times and settled Portions of George and Amal’s luxury estate underwater. Whether that is why the Hollywood star is doing its job and finally settling in House in France want? The plans for this should now be more specific than ever before. And that could also have something to do with a very special neighbor.

George & Amal Clooney: pure luxury! This is what your new villa looks like

As “Le Figaro” reports, the “Ocean’s Twelve” actor is supposed to be one very specific property have aside. The “Domaine le Canadel” is located in Provence and is actually an old farmhouse. In 1993 it was renovated by Bruno Lafourcade and has been a real luxury property ever since. According to a website, a property also belongs to the property, of course Swimming pool, a tennis court and a private lavender garden. It is not known whether George is really interested in the exact property that is offered on the website. According to “voici” it should be a property with this name. And the actor has every reason to find this house interesting. Because the property sees simply fantastic. And the beautiful villa could have another advantage: George and Amal would have a possible partner to play “boules” on their own square close by.

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George & Amal Clooney: Will HE be your new neighbor?

As the newspaper “Var Matin” claims to have found out, George is said to be a friend Brad Pitt an estate not far away own. The two actors met on the set of “Ocean’s Eleven” and have been very good friends ever since. Brad Pitt is said to own the Miraval Castle, just a few miles north of the property that George Clooney is said to be very interested in at the moment. The actor would certainly be close to his good friend convincing reason for really buying the property in France – even if it won’t be cheap. The realtor names the price for the villa on the Internet as 7.9 million euros. But maybe George’s proximity to his old buddy is worth the price.

George & Amal Clooney: Is your dream of Provence bursting?

But now it looks like it will for the time being nothing to do with the immediate neighborhood by George Clooney and Brad Pitt. As reported by “T-Online”, another prospect George and Amal are said to have come to the villa beforehand. For aallegedly six million euros should the pretty house with the huge property change hands. As early as August, the buyer is said to have agreed on a purchase price with the previous owners – but that’s where the matter allegedly has its catch.

Because the owners are said to have suddenly asked for more money instead of the agreed six million euros. A sum of 200,000 euros is in the room. As the potential buyer that didn’t want to pay, the sellers probably canceled the deal. Well stand both sides in court. “T-Online” quotes the lawyer Guy Azzari who says there is “Uncertainty about the propertyHe assumes that the process could take one to four years. But are George and Amal really willing to wait that long for the house?

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