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Will Smith supports Naomi Osaka

Will Smith supports Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka had said before the start of the Roland Garros 2021 that she would not give any press conferences as these would mentally destabilize the tennis players. Criticism and threats came from the other slam events, which even asked Osaka to retrace their steps, subject to expulsion from the majors.

As a result, the Japanese young star initially withdrew from the French Open, then her advisor said that she would also withdraw from the Berlin tournament, the WTA grass field tournament, in preparation for Wimbledon.

The organizers of the WTA in Berlin explained the situation in a statement. Will Naomi Osaka play Wimbledon in 2021 after retiring from Berlin? Osaka has returned to the US since retiring from the French Open.

The concern about Wimbledon is great: The four-time slam champion is not allowed to play on the London lawn, especially after the media storm of recent weeks. There is great concern as Naomi is one of the most anticipated stars on Church Road.

Will Smith supports Naomi Osaka

These days, Naomi has received a lot of criticism from the media, insiders, fans, and other gamers. But icons of the star system, other fans and tennis players, the media and journalists also defended the young Japanese star.

Her sponsors, like Nike, were on Naomi’s side as well. One of the supporters who has publicly sided with Osaka is actor Will Smith. The American said on his social media: “Hey Naomi, you are right.

You are wrong! I’m with you! “Smith wrote this message in a blank notebook, which he then photographed and shared on Instagram. Meanwhile, the near future of Osaka on the WTA tour does not seem to have been deciphered and written.

She is currently a star and icon not just of tennis but of the entire sports world. Hence, it is up to you what your next intentions and the intentions of the WTA Tour and Grand Slam tournaments will be.

Wimbledon is a little over two weeks away and the four-time Grand Slam champion’s presence is in doubt. This is a fundamental moment in her career: she will need to understand what else she wants from tennis and whether the path ahead of Roland Garros is the right one or not.

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