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Will Smith Is Making A Fool Of Himself Again In The Muscle War – And Even Wants You To Laugh At Him For It

The muscle war is a rock-hard plaster. Where thunder god Chris Hemsworth and DC hero Dwayne Johnson train for their roles, the space for newcomers remains as little as The Rocks patience with too lightweights. Will Smith still tried his luck against Bicep King Johnson and seemed quite helpless. With his latest attempt the next embarrassment follows – but that’s exactly what Will Smith wants.

Dwayne Johnson would shake his head: Will Smith is making a mockery of himself

Unlike the other muscle warriors, the Bad Boys actor does not force the superhero role to hardcore training: Instead, Smith competes against Johnson to shed his corona pounds. and for this he is now working hard, as he now proves on Instagram.

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The picture is a single manifestation of pain. The ordeal of abs exercises is written on Smith’s lined face, his eyebrows rise in search of mercy and the molars cling to one another. It looks excruciating, but also funny: Sport is murder, everyone knows that you don’t need tons of heavy weights like The Rock for that. And that’s exactly where Smith comes in: He wants you to laugh at him.

Will Smith wants to become a muscle war meme – and gets his wish

“PLEASE, do not use the picture to photoshop me in embarrassing situations”writes Smith. The barely concealed invitation to turn his body, tormented by the fitness machine, into an Internet meme cannot be repeated twice, especially for his fan community.

Straight up Will Smith’s Facebook page then all hell is going on: Will Smith with Jet Pack, Will Smith at Mario Kart or as Simba held over the King’s Rock: There is no fool for which the fans do not put their hero on the Photoshop catapult. And then the new muscle warrior himself comes back with a reaction to the memes.

Anyone who up to that point believed his forbearance to be genuine will be taught otherwise by Smith. “You hit me in the pan!”, he wrote on Instagram a day later – and immediately brought his top 5 Photoshop slurs with him.

Whether as ET in the sci-fi classic of the same name, next to Chewbacca in the Star Wars cockpit of the Millennium Hawk or the birth of a child, Will Smith’s torment has proven extremely meme capable.

Despite Will Smith memes: Dwayne Johnson remains the muscle king

It is not known whether Smith’s muscle-war opponents got wind of his foolishness. Bicep King Dwayne Johnson is notorious for his tight schedule. Should he be completely replaced in the Fast & Furious franchise, for example, he could become aware of Smith’s meme allures.

The two acting colleagues may then train together and The Rock chases Smith through a tough workout with occasional encouraging words. Like Simba and his father’s hyper-muscular constellation.


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