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Tom Cruise dares the most daring stunt so far>feeds>

August 27, 2021 – 1:48 pm clock

He’s been working on it for years

Tom Cruise (59) is known for doing many of his extraordinary film stunts himself. Even though he broke his ankle while filming “Mission: Impossible 6” in 2017, there was a certain scene from the upcoming seventh part that he and the others on the set should remember for a particularly long time.

“This is by far the most dangerous thing I’ve ever tried. We worked on it for years,” explains Cruise in behind-the-scenes footage that, according to the industry portal Deadline, has now been shown at CinemaCon. We’re talking about a stunt in which Cruise jumps over a cliff on a motorcycle and then opens a parachute in the air.

He always wanted to do this stunt

“I’ve wanted to do it since I was a little kid,” explains the Hollywood star. Cruise trained for it for an unbelievably long time. Among other things, he jumped over hills 30 times a day on a motorcycle and jumped 500 times with a parachute. It is not known how often the scene had to be shot. In the behind-the-scenes material, however, an employee of the crew is supposed to tell: “Tom Cruise drove a motorcycle over a cliff six times today.”

And this stunt is obviously far from over. “The only thing that worries me even more is what we have planned for Mission 8,” explains director Christopher McQuarrie (53). “Mission: Impossible 7” is expected to hit cinemas in mid-2022. The eighth part has also already been announced.

Big trouble for Tom Cruise

The first 13 minutes of “Top Gun: Maverick”, the sequel to the cult film “Top Gun – They fear neither death nor the devil” from the 1980s, were also shown at CinemaCon. Cruise himself was not there, he is currently shooting the new “Mission: Impossible” films in Great Britain.

According to a report in the tabloid “The Sun”, he had only just had to be annoyed about a theft there. Strangers are said to have stolen his bodyguard’s car in front of a hotel in Birmingham. According to an insider, the police were able to track down the car, but the star’s personal items and luggage that were still in the vehicle have disappeared.

And apparently to the great annoyance of Cruise. “It’s a huge embarrassment for the security team and the guy who drove the car was mad as hell – but not as angry as Tom,” explains the anonymous source. The stolen property is said to be items worth several thousand euros.

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