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“The Witcher”: Gage revealed – this is what the series stars on Netflix earn per episode

Henry Cavill is one of the biggest stars Netflix has caught. Image: Netflix

“The Witcher”: Henry Cavill’s salary per Netflix episode revealed

As expected, “The Witcher” was a great success on Netflix in 2019, and that certainly also because of its charismatic lead actor Henry Cavill. On December 17th, new episodes will finally be released, the first teaser already gave a foretaste in July. What many fans noticed: The series now looks even better, apparently the streaming service has raised the budget.

But what does Henry Cavill actually earn when he’s in front of the camera for “The Witcher”? In a detailed report, “Variety” now reveals the salaries of various streaming stars per episode. It turns out: The 38-year-old is by no means the top earner in the industry.

“The Witcher”: Henry Cavill’s salary compared

As the industry magazine found out Henry Cavill makes 400,000 US dollars for each “The Witcher” episode, although it remains to be seen whether this figure only applies to the first or also the second season. What is noticeable apart from that: Compared to other stars, the actor is more in the midfield in terms of salary. On a par with him, for example, is David Harbor from “Stranger Things”, who receives between 350,000 and 400,000 dollars from Netflix.

Henry Cavill is the big star on “The Witcher”. Image: Netflix

Well ahead of Cavill, however, is Bryan Cranston. He is rewarded for his new series “Your Honor” with 750,000 US dollars per episode. The fact that Cranston achieved cult status through “Breaking Bad” and is accordingly highly traded should play a major role here. He also trumps “The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal, who receives 600,000 US dollars for each episode of the upcoming “The Last of Us” adaptation.

These streaming stars make the most money

In the end, however, the absolute front runners are still different. FX has Jeff Bridges’ services for “The Old Man” cost a whopping million dollars, which is only topped by Chris Pratt. For each episode of “Terminal List” $ 1.4 million goes to him alone. No question about it: his establishment in the Marvel franchise and “Jurassic World” has given him an excellent negotiating position.


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